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15th April 2014 Wellness

Fitness FAQ #5

By far the most frequently asked question that I have received since I started training has always been;

“What is your diet like?” 
I once shared my diet on here but as soon as I began training with my Personal Trainer, Paul it became apparent that I was grossly under eating and certainly not getting the right nutrients. With Paul’s help I adjusted my diet and tested foods on how my body reacted to them (cashews make me bloated, who knew?) meaning the end result was the most perfect anti inflammatory yet beneficial-to-training Nutrition plan which was  tailor made for me, by me (effectively).
When I saw how beneficial this kind of nutrition was for my exercise regime, and the sheer volume of you crying out for information to accelerate your own results I realised I wanted to help. At first I just gave you Paul’s contact details and you could discuss whatever your needs were with him, but the plan that I am on isn’t exactly budget friendly (you’d be amazed at how many shoes miss out on a loving home with me because of Paul) and when you are just starting out and unsure if you will even be able to stick to it, the last thing you want to do is throw your shoe budget at it.
So I sat with Paul and we decided to put together a low cost e-book with the fundamentals of the diet I follow, for you to trial and test to come up with the same style but tailored to your body. I put emphasis on the low cost because both of us were horrified to see the cost of so many health and fitness e-books on the market, I mean £50? For what is effectively just a book?
Anyway, it took some time and some string pulling but on Monday 14th April 2014 (my 26th birthday) the Bodyluxe Nutrition Guide was released and can be purchased for a mere £7.50. The response has been absolutely insane and I am overwhelmed by the all the tweets, instagram pics and feedback (please if you have purchased let me know your thoughts either via social media or using my contact form HERE)
I really hope that you experience the same benefits to energy, aesthetics and overall well being as I have since undertaking this kind of nutrition and I look forward to seeing your progress pics.
Please note this nutrition guide is not Vegan or Vegetarian.

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