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20th March 2014 Wellness

Fitness FAQ #4

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1. What is the best way to kick start a healthy lifestyle?
When I first started I set myself a goal and a realistic goal at that, I found a picture of a girl with my ideal body and I worked towards it. But I didn’t go in like a bull in a china shop, it takes stages, learning and commitment. A little research goes a long way and it pays to head to the gym with the foundations to make your work out efficient and beneficial. There’s a wealth of guides to give you the basics to get you started. Sticking to it is another ball game, if you give it 4 weeks of eating right and doing beneficial workouts you will start to see results and that’s the point where it shifts from something your just “giving a go” to a lifestyle/the point of no return.

2. Is it a good beneficial to work out when you are feeling stressed?
I live an extremely stressful life, I do too much in a short space of time but I wouldn’t have it any other way. before I started going to the gym I struggled painfully with sleep, since starting that’s almost completely gone and in actual fact I look forward to the gym on my most stressful days even if it isn’t exactly easy to put my tush in the car and go.
Exercise releases endorphin’s or as I like to call them “happy hormones”, which are proven responsible for not only calming you but making you feel happier too. I’ve always maintained that I never walk out of the gym, I float, because I really do feel that great afterward. So when your starting out pay close attention to the way you feel right after a really good workout because it’s a pretty wonderful feeling.

3. What do you think of Herbalife or similar programs?
Personally, I’ve never tried them nor do I want to. To me these are just another company trying to cash in on the insecurities of society and the people selling it are too whether they are your friends or not. It’s a fact that if you buy they make money and as convincing as they may be with their endless transformation pictures what you are buying is not better than getting the right food. Most people want quick results so whether you choose to spend a fortune on these or on fresh produce and good old fashion protein shakes you will need to get off your back side and move.
4. I have stopped seeing results from my work out what do I do?
This is where it pays to either do some serious research or invest in a couple of sessions with a PT. You’re body can hit a plateau when it becomes used to the activity you do, 2 weeks ago I trained legs with a new exercise and could barely walk for 3 days after, I did the same exercise a week later and the DOMS were not half as bad. This is because our bodies are pretty effin’ clever and as your muscles strengthen they build resilience to what you are doing so it’s always good to switch it up, this is why I’m aiming to release my workout e-books in 3 stages so that when your body is ready it can move on to the next level and up the game (and results) that little bit more.

5. I have no time to go to the gym so can I just overhaul my diet and see results?
As previously mentioned, I too don’t have time to work out but I still do because rather than seeing it as reducing any relaxation time I may have between commitments, I see it as the BIGGEST and most productive 60 minutes I put aside for myself as “me time”. But all that aside, in short yes you will see results but they will be considerably stunted compared to someone hitting the gym regularly. If you think about it like this; if it is recommended that you decrease your daily calorie intake by 500kcal to lose a certain amount per week, someone going the gym can decrease by 250kcal and burn the further 250kcal in the gym. Whereas you would need to cut the full 500kcal out…So basically gym goers get to eat more which is pretty much what sold it to me gym more = eat more!

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