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20th February 2014 Wellness

Fitness FAQ #3

1. How do I get a flat stomach?

If it’s a fully fledged six pack your after, genetics really are your best friend here but this isn’t for all of us and there are lots of methods to help. Your abs are unfortunately living in the area of your body which holds the most fat and for your stomach to “tone up” you must grow the muscles and decrease the fat which sits stubbornly on top. This is where my favourite way or working out; strength training meets my most dreaded arch enemy; cardio! But please don’t leave yet, I’m not gonna tell you to jump on the running machine (unless torture is your thang) I try to make it as enjoyable for myself as possible with things like a Boxing session with my PT, a fast 15 minutes on the stepper – keep your heels down at all times to tone your tush at the same time, and for the love of all things holy DO NOT HOLD ON or a killer 15 minute sprint on the cross trainer which is great if your prone to knee injury’s like your’s truly as there’s no impact.
And as always your diet, eating healthy will always mean your results happen faster and if your experiencing bloating you could have an intolerance to something so pay attention to what your body is telling you.

2. Weight Machines or Free weights?

Most weight machines tend to only allow movement in a single, guided plain focusing on the major muscle which is required to lift the weight where as Free weights incorporate the task of balancing which works more muscles than the main one required to perform and complete the reps.
I personally don’t use many Weight machines unless I’m training legs as I like to work my abs as much as possible and balancing on a medicine ball with dumbells performing a chest press always feels great with a little ache in my stummy. But if you’re new to strength training I suggest starting off with machines to get your form right and to learn what size weights you are able to effectively perform your reps with.

3. Why Are My Muscles Sore After a Workout?
This is known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). We’ve all been there, you’ve just killed your workout and you leave the gym feeling like a goddess but fast forward two days and you’re hobbling around the house like an OAP. You generally experience this after trying a new exercise or increase in the weight of an exercise but although we generally tend to associate soreness with injury, with DOMS it isn’t exactly the case and as you continue to work and strengthen your muscles your body will gradually learn to protect itself against this. But for me personally, knowing that DOMS is relating to damage to muscle vibres (but good damage which promotes strengthened muscles) means it correlates to a damn good workout.
4. How Often Should I Work Out/Lift Weights?

From my research (I do a lot, does that class as a hobby?) it is suggested that you exercise 20 to 60 minutes between three and 5 times a week. I think three day’s of exercise is good for beginners but to see constant improvement I’d always aim to progress gradually to more.

Doing a full body workout every day isn’t necessary or particularly time efficient so incorporating your recommended level of cardio along side a single muscle group for each day of the week, allows each of those groups about a week (although two day’s has been suggested) to recover. This is where I use DOMS from the previous question to determine if a muscle group is ready to go, if it aches it just needs more time.

5. How do I get rid of cellulite?

Unfortunately this is another area that you may need to thank your family for as genetics again plays a big part here. I personally have been one of the lucky ones but it doesn’t mean I haven’t seen the upset is causes so many people I know. I spoke to a few of my friends and did a little more research to find out the best methods for combating cellulite.

Body Brushing

Ideally done before you bathe once a day use a dry body brush (available from most drug stores for pretty cheap) and start at your feet sweeping the brush in a long upwards motion towards your heard to promote the flowing of lymphatic fluid which disperses toxins and stubborn fat stores.

Eat right
Are you  bored of me saying this yet? Well sorry but its true, reducing the amount of fat you eat will reduce the amount of fat you have but also anti-inflammatory diets will minimize the appearance of cellulite.


You know the drill.

Cellulite Creams
I’ve got to stress, these are not a quick fix and may help along side all of the above, but creams with caffeine, horse chesnut and Theophylline and Paraguay tea have been noted as the best.

Check out previous Fitness FAQ’s here and here and if you can’t find the answers you are looking for, leave me a cheeky comment below, heck leave me a cheeky comment anyway I love hearing your thoughts!

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