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15th January 2014 Wellness

Fitness FAQ #2

Jacket – Vie Active    Sports Bra – JD Sports    Shorts – Primark    Snake skin iPhone Case – Gift
1. What keeps you motivated?
I receive a lot of comments from girls stating that they wish they had my motivation. Personally I think that’s horse shit! Everyone has the motivation to do something, it just needs to be ignited and you have to find the match. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but my motivation was ignited by my boyfriend and seeing for myself what a healthy body can do for your confidence and state of mind. But also I didn’t want to look at other girls, be it Adriana Lima or the girl in front of me in Tesco’s pushing a pair of J Brands jeans to the absolute limit and wish for what they had anymore. I wanted to have it! Us girls are only this young and hot for so long, don’t look back and regret not rockin’ what yo’ mama gave ya.
2. Were you always in shape growing up?
If by in shape you mean “Were you always slim” then for the most part yes, apart from a slight increase in weight following my first season in Ibiza. But something that has taken me a while to get my head around is the fact that slim does not mean “in shape”. In shape suggests a healthy body and that was not something I possessed. I had smoked since I was 15, hadn’t done a days exercise since then and was starving my body on a daily basis resulting in the typical “skinny-fat girl” look. My boyfriend only chose to tell me after I decided to have a body over haul that my booty used to feel like a plastic bag full of water, he has such a wonderful way with words.
3. How did you get sponsored?
Well I’m actually not sponsored, I’m an Ambassador. Sponsorships are notoriously hard to come by in the UK and seeing as I am neither a competitor nor an athlete I feel extremely blessed to be in the position that I currently am. But please before you think I am biased in my opinion of PhD Woman, you should know that I had been approached by quite a few well known supplement companies before I made the decision to work with PhD Woman. I tried and tested each brands products, looked closely at the values attached  and the other Sponsored Athletes/Ambassadors that they worked with, making sure that my personal beliefs, mission and values were honored by the brand I chose and, of course vice versa. 
I know that for a lot of people being able to work closely with a supplement brand is a status symbol but for me personally it’s responsibility and one which I fully embrace. I receive hundreds of e-mails a week from girls lost and begging for help on their fitness journey, these are the girls that are clueless to the fact that they in turn keep me going with their endless support, so the least I can do is provide them with the best guidance, whether it is supplements or other fitness related topics.
4. Where can I get your Diet & Exercise Plan?
I get asked this time and time again and as much as I wan’t to tell each and every one of you every intricate detail of what I’m doing, It’s physically impossible. So I’m in the middle of putting together my plan which you will be able to download for a teeny tiny fee (roughly £5) at your convenience but these things take time and I refuse to put any plan out there that I haven’t personally tried and experienced the benefits of so please bare with me while I get this finalised.
5. How often do you have a Cheat meal?
I like to schedule my cheat meal for a Sunday night. There’s something about Monday’s that fill me with motivation and the feeling of turning a new fresh page, so Sunday seemed to be the perfect opportunity to indulge ready to get back on the grind the following morning. It takes a lot of will power to last the weekend but in my experience eating a cheat meal on either Friday or Saturday mean’t all discipline has well and truly left the building resulting in a cheat meal turning into a cheat weekend. I never have a cheat meal during the week as that is the time when all time management is on point so I tend to make the most of the weekday scheduling.
6. How did you get a thigh gap?
OK firstly I didn’t always have a thigh gap, when I gained weight after my first season abroad (I can thank 6 months of pasta for that) my thighs definitely rubbed together which isn’t pleasant in the Ibizan 37 degree heat. Secondly, the fact that I can have a thigh gap is mainly down to genetics and  how widely set my hips are. As I trimmed down over my whole body my thigh gap merely returned. So you may be able to have a thigh gap and are just holding some extra body fat but there really is no way to spot reduce fat anywhere on your body.

7. What are the best exercises for weight loss?

The best exercise for weight-loss involves the movement of food to your mouth and what that food is. You do not need these fad diets which tell you to drink juice for a week, stop eating carbs or buy your meals specially prepped. But if you have already got your diet on point and by on point I mean healthy eating not restricting then the next step is to incorporate exercise.
Research suggests 60 minutes as a good time frame for an all round work out, you should aim to incorporate Cardio, Strengthening and stretching in this time.
Cardio will not only get your heart muscle going but also burn energy (fat stores) and aid muscle strengthening. Strengthening exercises such as weight lifting and body weight exercises should always be Incorporated along side cardio as it raises your metabolism and improves muscle conditioning aiding the toned look that us girls strive for. and finally stretching, I have recently discovered just how important stretching is for protecting yourself against injury and have had to make time for it, you should to.
Remember if you have any questions you’d like me to answer just pop them in the comment below or e-mail them over to me entitled “LEM FAQ”.

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