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19th March 2014 Lifestyle


Leaving University was one of the scariest most disorientating experiences I ever been through. I was bursting with high hopes and dreams of the career woman I’d always envisioned I’d become, the reality however was extremely different. And after applying for a few jobs it started to set in that maybe it wasn’t going to be all rainbows and Prada pumps after all. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before I found myself back in Retail, smack bang where I was before Uni.

Desperate and chomping at the bit to start applying all my new found knowledge after three grueling years as a Marketing student (shout out to Google for that one) I started a wee shop to coincide with my blog, where I bought a few pieces of stock, some of which sold out before they were even in my possession. To say it went well I still believe is an understatement but with no guidance and any student loans a very distant alcho-hazed memory it was hard to progress and as an offer of my dream job finally materialised it seemed silly to take a chance on a dream.
Why am I blabbing on about chances I didn’t take? Well one thing I’ve always maintained is my desire to help people achieve things wherever I can (apparently that can also be known as being bossy but I’ll stick with helpful for now) so when I heard about the Virgin Start-Up company for entrepreneurs it really struck a nerve. The mission of this new not-for-profit scheme is to encourage young fresh thinkers just out of university with great business ideas to come forward to invest in their futures and careers via a government backed loan from Virgin and also receive free business advice and their own mentor to guide them through the process. Had I known such resources were available to aspiring entrepreneurs when I was a fresh faced graduate I would have jumped at the chance and with success stories like YuCoCo – handmade chocolates (not gonna lie, Mother’s day is now covered) under their belt you know they’ve got a winning team behind the venture. So if like me, you have dreams of setting up your own business, then don’t be like me! There are teams of people out their ready to nurture and mentor those dreams into reality.

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