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16th June 2014 Outfits

Do everything with Style.


 What we wear to work out says as much about us as what we wear to work every day, for a shopping trip at the weekend or a night out with friends. Workout clothes communicate our goals, our lifestyle  and our personal style. Therefore choosing an outfit, putting it together and wearing it in your own unique way is just as much of an art form.

Nike has rapidly become the staple brand for the fashion conscious healthista,  however could this be down to it’s easy availability? You are sure to find the latest releases just strolling your local high street but is there really much else on offer?

Around 8 months ago I began actively seeking out more premium fitness brands from across the globe and Australia really is the hub for fashion forward luxury fitness wear. But there’s just one problem which we all know and loath, Customs charges (I mean what even is that). None of us appreciate investing our hard earned money in a sensational new outfit, forking out a further fortune for postage only to be met with an extra blow on delivery. Can ya’ll say “Gap in the market”?

That’s where comes in, bringing us the very best statement collections from Vie Active, Lorna Jane, Onzie and many more to come. I finally got the opportunity to test drive the ‘Rockell Elite Compression Tights’ in Snow leopard from the most recent Vie Active wear collection. They are made from their unique F3 sweat-wicking compression fabric which is like nothing I have experienced before and can only be described as a feeling of complete supported nakedness as it’s almost like they aren’t there. They also include flat seams to ensure absolutely no rubbing or discomfort when embarking on anything from a 10k’er or leg day, all encapsulated in a stunning white leopard design.

So whether your rolling out of bed in the morning to pound the treadmill or heading from your desk to dumbells, now there’s no excuse to not do so in complete fashion forward and functional style.

Vie Active leggings – c/o Active In Style     Nike Roshe – Office     Sports Bra – Nike    Vest – H&M    Headphones – c/o Bassbuds


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