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12th November 2014 Outfits

Current Favourite Abs Circuit

LIPSY_A_3 LIPSY_A_2LIPSY_A_7 LIPSY_A_DUALLIPSY_A_4 LIPSY_A_6With 43 days until Christmas I don’t plan on leaving it until the New Year to kick my over indulging, chocolate loving butt into gear. And with the launch of the new Lipsy Sport collection this week, it was the perfect excuse to put the collection to the test as well as trying out some new exercise routines and really getting myself back in the mind set for the post Christmas push.

The Lipsy Sport collection is bursting with gilded logos and neon accents which will brighten even the darkest winter evenings. Not for the technical athlete this collection is most definitely inspired by the “fit-fashionista” making it the perfect choice for resistance weight training session or an hour or so in the Yoga studio.

I picked out my favourite pieces and hit the gym for an abs session. Why don’t you give my new abs circuit a go for yourself?

Weighted sit ups

Hold a dumbell above your head with arms straight and perform the normal sit up motion, ensuring you engage your abs throughout. I go went for 9kg in the hope I’d give my arms a little workout too but go with what gives you a substantial burn.

10 reps

Weighted hanging leg raises

I attach my 1.25kg velcro leg weights which I picked up from John Lewis for about £20 here. Hanging from a secure bar I crunch left, middle and right side  classing as one rep making sure I engage my obliques and my abs.

5-7 reps

Russian Twists

Using an 18kg kettlebell, facing forwards at all times twisting only my torso to the left and right maintaining control and engaged muscles.

20 reps (10 twists either side)

perform each excercise consecutively with a 60 second rest in between repeat 3 times.

Once those 48 hour DOMS set in, I can’t even laugh it aches so much. Let me know if you will be giving this circuit a go!


Hoodie – c/o Lipsy Sport     Vest – c/o Lipsy Sport     Sports Bra – Nike    Sunglasses – c/o Sunglasses Shop      Leggings – Primark Light Control     Trainers – StyleRunner     headphones – Frends (reduced on sale)

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