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26th April 2014 Wellness

Cherry Bakewell Ice-cream Recipe

April saw the release of the new and improved Synergy – ISO 7 from PhD Nutrition along side some tasty limited edition flavours. It now contains ground oats as the primary carb source, up to 16% more protein, hydrolysed wheyprotein isolate, Creapure, less sugar, less fat, micellar casein, and with a vastly improved taste. I usually tend to stick to the PhD Woman range as I find comfort in the knowledge that its “for women”. But when the two new flavours, Cherry Bakewell and Peanut Butter Chocolate, landed on my desk last week there was no question as to whether I would at least be tasting them.

The boyfriend and I decided to have a little tasting session in our kitchen, I imagine normal couples do this with wine but whatever. The fact that the Cherry Bakewell flavour was my favourite left me questioning life for a little while…I love everything to do with Peanut Butter…I even love the way those words sound rolling off your tongue…Ahem! sorry about that I’m back. We decided to give some homemade ice-cream with the Cherry Bakewell flavour a whirl and it literally could not be simpler:
One large tub of low fat or 0% Greek yogurt
Goji Berries (optional)
Slice of Kiwi (optional)
1. Pour contents of Greek Yogurt tub into a mixing bowl and add the scoops of Synergy ISO 7.
2. Mix until smooth and all lumps are gone.
3. Poor a 2-3cm depth of the mixture into plastic containers, we used our meal prep boxes which you can grab hundreds from Costco.
4. Place in the freezer for 1 hour.
5. Remove and again mix until smooth, repeat until ice-cream consistency is achieved.
6. Top with Fresh fruit, berries or melt a square or two of 85% dark chocolate and drizzle on top.
A refreshing guilt free snack just in time for Summer, Enjoy!

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