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23rd July 2014 Wellness

Chasing Sunsets with FitBug

FITBUG DOUBLE FITBUG4FITBUG DOUBLE2 FITBUG3FITBUG 1Gadgets to aid and track your workouts are popping up all over this joint, but after the failure that was my first experience of them (see post here) I was apprehensive to give the new Orb from Fitbug a second thought. That was until I saw the price tag!

The moment I became aware of its budget friendly price tag, I couldn’t wait to give it a test drive. The Orb offers a number of alternative options when it comes to wearing it, you can strap it to your wrist, clip it to your waist band, wear it around your neck (with all additional clips and bands included) or even just pop it in your pocket, so whichever way is more comfortable for you.

Much like other trackers, you access the information recorded by the Orb via an app on your phone (which is available for iPhone and Android) the app tells you your steps and how far you have traveled, calories burned for the day, active time as well as recording your nightly sleep information. It also collates this information neatly into weekly reports so you can look back over your progress, great to see just how far you have come for all those lacking in motivation. There is also an area where you can manually add in your food consumption for the day, something I have to consciously push myself to do as it can be time consuming but oh-so-worth-it in the end.

It doesn’t have the silent alarm like many other trackers but I was happy to sacrifice my partners sleep for the extra £100 in my pocket, No brainer right (sorry Ali)!  It also doesn’t have a rechargeable battery like most others however I actually find this quite a welcomed design function, having to manually charge other trackers meant either sleep of active time was lost, this way after about 6 months you just throw the battery away and pop a new one straight in and I think these batteries only cost about £2 which really doesn’t break the bank.

Over-all I absolutely loved the Orb from FitBug, it’s great value for money, a brilliant additional source of motivation and my new must have gadget for achieving my fitness goals.



Top – Nike     Shorts – Nike    Shoes – Nike    Orb Fitness Tracker – c/o FitBug



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