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3rd March 2014 Lifestyle

Boost your body Confidence

SuperBoost Plunge Bra & Thong in Orchid – c/o Gossard


We live within a generation of women who are constantly comparing themselves to others. The women in the magazines, on TV or the new 20 year old in the buying department with legs too long for her own good. We’ve all done it. It’s about time we stopped this confidence destroying practice and put the energy to better use. I’ve come up with some tips to help you move in the direction of a more confident you.
1. Don’t like something? CHANGE IT.
Now I’m not suggesting you run to your nearest plastic surgeon and book a full body tuck. Surgery should always be the last resort. But if you don’t like your legs, there’s a work out for that. Not too keen on your stomach, there’s a work out for that too!  Trust me a gym membership is a whole lot cheaper than surgery and far more rewarding too.
But that said, I have never felt it necessary to discuss my own  surgery on my blog or social media although I’m sure no-one missed it.
In March 2013 I had breast augmentation and I waited until I was 25 to do so. I had reached the point where I felt I had given them ample time to make an appearance and they had let me down. I tried every contraceptive pill and even at my heaviest my tummy protruded more than they ever did but it really was a last resort and whether you like to admit it or not, cosmetic surgery is changing peoples lives every day and is PROVEN to improve self confidence.
After the bandages were removed I had a shower, got dressed, did my make up, looked in the mirror and cried (what a waste of time all that slap was) it was the first time I had actually seen my body as a Woman. Thus signifying my love affair with my body, that really was the point where everything changed and I started treating my body with respect.
2. Step out side of your comfort zone.
And this applies to every part of your life. There’s nothing more rewarding than reaching a goal you never imagined possible. If you feel you deserve a promotion at work – go for it! Think you can’t run 10km – work for it! The only person stopping you is you. Nobody wants to be the girl that grew up and never tried.
I am far to familiar with the word “can’t”. No seriously ask my personal trainer, I’m sure there hasn’t been a single session where I haven’t said “I can’t do that!”, Just last week he told me to do a set of hanging leg raises but I had to get my feet to touch the bar. He was mental in my eyes, it was only last month that I struggled with doing a single normal leg raise. But I tried and to my astonishment I managed 3 in a row, I felt like such a bad ass and swagged it out hard as I left the gym!
But I push myself to step out of the zone in more area’s than just my gym. I wouldn’t have my job, my boyfriend or my blog if I hadn’t decided to step out. So make it top of your to do list to STEP OUT MORE!
3. Take compliments.
We’re all guilty of brushing them off, playing them down or “counter-complimenting” as I like to call it. “You’re hair looks good today Lydia!”
“Ohh no it’s a mess look at my roots, I want your hair!”.
It’s not easy to be able to accept compliments but once you tackle it you will see just how much of an effect it has on your confidence. Even if its a toot from the car next to you on the motor way or the builders working on the house next door wolf whistling you as you get in your care. Take it the way it is intended and enjoy your day.
4. Dress yourself confident.
I’m probably a feminists worst nightmare but there’s a certain magic found only within the perfect pair of killer heels, a breath taking LBD or a lacey set of expensive smalls. So treat yourself once and a while and embrace the air of confidence today’s fashion hands to us on a daily basis.
5. Talk about it!
There are few out there who can claim to lived without insecurity which means we have all battled through and dealt with our issues utilising different lines of attack. Friends and family are not only able to offer an understanding ear but also tips and tricks to tackling body confidences woes head on.
I receive endless compliments about my hair which I cannot deny, is wonderful but what people don’t realise is if you’ve got a head of hair like mine (which is enough for six people) you’re almost certain to have the same everywhere else. I’ll just let that mental thought linger for a little longer…delightful. But I suffered in silence with it for so long, painfully embarrassed and moved heaven an earth to ensure nobody knew. It wasn’t until a group of amazing girls I worked with in Ibiza shared their own fluffy woes that I realised I wasn’t alone, the anxiety vanished almost immediately and I still use some of their methods to this day.
I feel that just by writing this post I have taken a huge step outside of my own comfort zone, but I really hope it wasn’t done in vein and if you have any thoughts or questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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