the beauty products on my dressing room table right now… 

21th April 2022
Call me crazy but at this time of year, foundations and lipsticks start looking too heavy and I find myself reaching for lighter products that feel in keeping with the lighter days.
With the recent arrival of spring and warmer days pending therefore, I’ve switched up my routine and stripped my make up back.

With that in mind, below you’ll find a breakdown of the only products that I’m using right now – and no doubt will continue to use throughout the summer months too – in case you’re currently sat there thinking about doing the same…

Without further ado therefore..!

For lips…

I’m finding that the bulk majority of lipsticks look too caked on right now so tinted balms have become my current go-to. None more so than Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Revitalizing Crystal Balm in shade ‘Sun Crystal.’ I know what you’re thinking… ‘That looks very orange Lydia!’ But don’t be fooled! When applied, it’s the perfect natural coral for spring and leaves my lips feeling soft and oh so sumptuous!

When I’m looking for a more polished look, I lightly line my lips with Mac’s ‘Spice’ (admittedly, it’s hard to get a defined line with lip balm alone) which adds definition and that all-important staying power we crave. 

For eyes…

I like my eye make up to look a bit more subtle in spring so have found myself reaching for Lancome’s ‘Idole lash’ mascara in recent weeks. It’s amazing at lengthening lashes without looking too intense and doesn’t clump, unlike so many mascaras out there. 

Though used sparingly, I also use Swede’s brown eyeliner on a daily basis too. With the help of Nanshy’s ‘Precise Bent Eyeliner Brush’, I blend a thin line on my upper lids each morning and instantly feel like I look more awake. It’s such a natural colour – the perfect subtle eye. 

For coverage…

Ok, admittedly there’s not much change here. By Terry’s Brightening CC Serum is an all-year-round winner in my eyes, for that flawless, glowy coverage that we all want. I’m just no longer applying the additional layer of foundation that typically follows in the winter months.

This, coupled with By Terry’s Brightening CC liquid blush leaves me with dewy looking skin and a fresh, au natural glow!

For sparkle…

To say that I’m beyond impressed with Beauty Pie’s Luminizing Wand highlighter would be an understatement. It gives such a natural glow and blends so well, I’ve said goodbye to my old MAC one because this is so much better! 

For application…

I’ve mentioned a few individual brushes above but when the set from Nanshy arrived on my doorstep a few weeks back, it went straight up to my dressing room and took pride of place in there ever since. If you’re going to invest in one brush, I’d definitely go for the ‘Face Perfector’ – an all round classic that does exactly as described. Their eye brushes are great for blending too. 

If you’re going down a beauty-inspired rabbit hole right now, why not take a look at the nature inspired beauty brands that I love too? There’s some great ones in there – enjoy!
Lydia x


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