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8th April 2015 Wellness

An All natural Pre-Workout that will have you jumping out of bed in the morning!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhether you believe in them or believe they are a complete placebo, pre-workouts are always a hot topic of conversation. Occasionally I’ll opt for the super sweet powders offering all kinds of benefits to your workouts. But I’m just not organised enough to have endless shakers prepped for all the things I should be taking pre, during and post gym. And to be perfectly honest, I like to kick start my day as I mean to go on, with a whole lot of goodness.

My absolutely favourite pre-workout at the moment is something I concocted in the kitchen one morning. As a lover of a good cup of coffee, this is my usual tipple of choice. But with endless super-foods and powders adorning my kitchen cupboards I always try to mix things up a bit.

Maca powder, known for its profound benefits to overall women’s health, energy and stamina levels and it’s vast quantities of vitamins (B, C, E) and minerals (Calcium, Zinc, iron, magnesium, amino acids) made it the perfect choice to spoon into my morning mug. I love the smell of maca powder,  it looks like hot chocolate powder but smells slightly nutty but in a completely unoffencive way.

I then plopped (such a great word) in a tea spoon of coconut oil because well, you all know how I feel about coconut oil (OK so you might not as you might be new to my ramblings so in which case read here). Now the taste of this totally clean pre-workout might not be for everyone but it literally has me bouncing off the walls and I feel energised for the entire day.


But why put both those into a mug of coffee? Black coffee causes fat cells to be used as energy during workouts whilst the high levels of caffeine will boost your metabolism 10 fold. But not only that it’s proven to increase peformance whilst also dulling pain receptors meaning you can go that extra mile, because lets face it, the struggle is real.

Taking maca powder regularly will soon show a vast improvement in over all energy levels so you can kiss goodbye to the post caffeine slump. Let’s kick those morning (or evening, or whenever you fancy it really) workout’s butts!



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