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17th November 2014 Wellness

A Personal life coach for £20 + YouTube Video


I am definitely my fathers daughter, back home you will likely find my dad either in his office, packed to the rafters with computers and technology or dosing in front of the TV with an array of handheld devices scattered close by. So you can image the horror when I realised (whilst dosing infront of the TV with my shiney new iPhone, iPad and Mac book surrounding me) that my office had become a carbon of his, give or take bouquet of roses or two.

I just had to glance at my shelf full of various fitness trackers and tablets, to realise that I had become a complete tech geek.

So you can imagine the squeels when I was given the opportunity to review the latest app in fitness technology.

KiQplan claims to be your “Digital Personal Trainer” and for the last week I’ve been giving it a test drive. Jam packed with step by step workouts, recipes, activity & sleep tracking, a food diary, tips and incentives find out my thoughts in today’s YouTube Video.

Slim & Trim – c/o KiQplan


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