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14th November 2013 Wellness

A bit fit with FitBit

Top – Nike Dry Fit   Leggings – Primark Light Control

I was first introduced to the FitBit brand by my Personal Trainer, Paul when I questioned what the strange flashing band on his wrist was in aid of and I was intrigued to say the least.
I got my FitBit Flex from Argos and to tell you a bit more about it, by day it records and tracks the steps you take, the distance you travel and the amount of calories burned. By night it records and monitors your sleeping pattern as well as the quality of sleep you experience and all records and reports are stored on your laptop or as I do, using the nifty little App.
Us 9 to 5 office bod’s aren’t known for our activity during working hours therefore I was really looking forward to seeing just how many steps I’m achieving on a daily basis. My personal trainer said 10,000 should be what I aim for and to be perfectly honest I could have told him that I wouldn’t achieve that without the help of the FitBit but what I really found startling was the fact that seeing just how low my steps actually are, motivated me to get up and move more than I normally would, printing a document? why not print it on the printer upstairs Lydia rather than the one adjacent to your desk for example hmm? So far the only day’s I have hit the 10K mark has been when I go shopping, so it really is true, shopping IS my cardio!
I also found the sleep tracker extremely interesting/shocking as I’ve always know that I struggle with sleep but I didn’t quite realise just how little I was actually getting. And there’s no fooling the FitBit Flex as I found out when trying to lead Paul into thinking I was sleeping more than I actually was as when you tap it to put it into sleep mode it knows if you are still awake or not, it was worth a shot I guess.
As well as all this it also gives you the option to record a food diary, the amount of water you’ve drank and my absolute favourite, it also act’s as a silent alarm (which you can set each individual day with a different time) which vibrates on your wrist, gently waking you whilst not waking your partner.
As with all these things it isn’t perfect, the food log to go with recording your food diary currently doesn’t have a UK data base so I’m having to use an alternative app in order to input the correct information and although the battery life is great, you have to take the FitBit out of the wrist band and plug it into your computer in order to charge it so that’s some precious steps that won’t be recorded. But overall I find it a really interesting and motivating tool to aid my workouts and it will be staying firmly on my wrist for the foreseeable future.


*UPDATE* Two weeks after this post went live, my FitBit stopped working. So very dissapointed.

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