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31st March 2015 Wellness

6 Fit Tips for being healthier at work

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhether you work from home or at the heart of a bustling office I’ve put together some of my top tips to avoid falling off the wagon, being beaten by temptation and also improving overall health.

Co Workers a.k.a. The Snack Dealers

There is this thing that co workers do that I like to call “Communal snacking” which is basically the mentality that if we do it together, it simply doesn’t count. It’s a nice thought but we both know, completely illogical. However this really will put your will power to the test when they try to tempt and force you into this backwards ritual. Snacking on crisps, chocolate and cake can add hundreds to your daily calorie in take so it’s always good to have a line of defence pre planned. My personal favourite was always Mulberries; Sweet, healthy and easily stored in a desk draw for emergencies.



If you haven’t heard me go on about water before on my blog, then you have some serious catching up to do.  It really is the one thing I drill into basically anyone that will listen.




Not only will it make your skin glow, keep bad breath at bay and flush toxins but it can also burn up to 500 kcal a day. I like to get myself a stylish filtration bottle like the fill & go from Brita so that I can fill up wherever I am. I aim to drink one bottle before I’ve sat at my desk, another before noon, another before 2 and then another before 5pm, anything after that is just a bonus.



This is where drinking more water could help because my lord will you need to pee more often. So if you’re getting up to go to the loo, why don’t you go to the ones furthest from your office. Need to take the stairs to the photocopier? Why not run up them. Or even better, take yourself away from your desk, the office and work by taking a walk during your lunch hour not only will this burn calories but it will refresh you giving you a second wind ready to tackle the final part of the day.


Take time off

Whether its an exotic Vacay or a quintessentially British Staycay, you really do need to schedule in time off. I always like to book somewhere with a really good spa because nothing says “Me time” like a really good full body massage and trip to the steam room. But even if you don’t head to a spa, taking a few days off to get some rest and recharge your batteries will not only give you a new lease of life for tackling every day tasks but also give your mind a chance to rest.


Don’t over do anything

There was a time in the not too distant past when I was, essentially, working full time and running a full time blog. To say I was running on empty was the understatement of the century, it could only go on for so long before I realised something had to give because my health was seriously suffering. I realised that balance and hard work need to walk hand in hand to be able to live a health lifestyle too. So whether it’s in the gym, at work or at the weekend, know your limits


Fail to prepare and prepare to fail

Pre planning and prepping your meals will enable you to bring structure to your day, but also avoid any nasty surprises, I remember all too well what an unsuspecting office birthday means and it certainly isn’t grilled chicken & veg! I like to start my day with lots of energy so I whisk myself up a delicious green smoothie and some gluten free pancake mix the night before. My Nutribullet really is a godsend here as it comes with sealable cups so that I can give them a quick buzz in the morning and sip my smoothie whilst the pancakes cook. For lunch I enjoy 200g’s of chicken pre cooked on a Sunday, currently I’m having this in a wrap with a little cheese. Then at night I whack on a burger and some rice and thats me done for the day (give or take a hand full of almonds/mulberries whilst I fold the washing).


Now you have the knowledge the hard part is saying “No!” to the packet of bourbon biscuits that never seem to run out!


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