5 small things in october

30th October 2019

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I’m usually a pretty positive and motivated person over all and I’ve always loved sharing that part of me on my little corner of the internet. But over the last year I feel like I’ve lost a little spark inside that used to simmer away under the surface and whilst I think I’ve been able to identify what it was that seems to have put that spark out, what’s more important to me right now is getting it back. I’ve always taken so much joy in the smallest of things in life; those every day moments, feelings or things that bring about the most wonderful of feelings, but I haven’t even been doing THAT recently and it’s taken its toll on my happiness over all.  They say acknowledging there’s a problem is the first step, so I guess my second step is to write a blog post about all the things that have and are giving me all those little moments of happiness as a reminder to myself and maybe you too, that there are so many small moments of joy around us, we just need be a little more mindful of them.  Therefore I give you “5 Small Things”.



I really struggle with sleep, I have done since my university days. Some days I’d wake up at 4pm and not know which century I was in. That was a habit I spiralled into throughout my degree, juggling course work and three jobs, and it was not an easy habit to get myself out of. In fact, it was so hard that I now have this awful guilt that over comes me if I sleep in past 7am and it sets off a chain reaction inside where my brain tells me “well you’ve slept in so the day is basically a write off so what’s the point in doing anything” it’s incredibly destructive and I’ve spent the last week devising a plan to get things back on track. I’ve downloaded a new sleep app called “Sleep Cycle”. I opted for the free option first because Apps these days are a mine field when it comes to cancelling subscriptions but after a week of use I’m hooked and the comedy value of being able to listen to my snoring back in the morning had me signing up for the year in a heart beat. But it’s making me more conscious of the times I sleep, how well I sleep but more importantly how I wake up. I’ve utilised the half an hour window of their in app alarm which wakes you up and the best possible point and boy has it changed the game for me. I no longer wake up feeling exhausted, even if I haven’t had the best nights sleep, I’ve stopped snoozing my way through my alarm and I usually get up as soon as it wakes me. It’s still early days but its made a massive impact so far which means I’m getting up earlier and experiencing the early mornings that I haven’t seen for a long, long time. Boy, are they beautiful! All pink skies, dew covered grass and fluffy clouds, heck even the miserable ones are lovely and I don’t even know how that’s possible, but I’m an early morning savage so that’s my only reasoning.

I’m making a promise to myself to see more of them, ideally all of them, whatever the weather, season or time zone. Rising early is my biggest motivator so I plan on tapping into that again.



I don’t take advantage of where we live enough because when I do, it’s the best feeling in the world so I’m getting out into the land that surrounds our home much more and I’m trying to drag my husband with me. Especially at this time of year, evening walks are wonderful wrapped up in cosy layers and my big Dubarry boots, hearing the leaves crunch beneath my feet, sometimes Lumi joins us so we don’t go far but those are the extra special walks that I really savour.



I’m not really a bath person but that doesn’t mean I don’t want my morning shower to be any less indulgent so beautiful products are absolutely essential. I often found myself using products that felt luxurious on my skin but kind of stopped at that, which are lovely and all that but I wanted a little more. It was only when I started using the Espa Re energising shower gel that my morning showers took on an invigorating spa like feel not just for my skin but my energy levels too. I’m now dreading the end of the bottle however that being said, I’ve bought in bulk so I’m hopefully stocked up to see myself through Winter, a little forward thinking goes a long way.

Talking of invigorating, there had been a bottle of the Philip B Avocado shampoo sat on my shelf for months, that I’d really not given a second thought but as I reached the end of my usual favourite I thought I would give it a go. I finished it yesterday and I am, devastated! Washing my hair was an absolute JOY, it felt so zingy on my scalp I’d say its the most intensely invigorating shampoo I’ve ever used and I’ve loved how much more awake I feel after using it. It really is those little things that put a smile on your face at 6:30am!



I don’t think the novelty of having an actual wood burning stove in my home will ever wear off. I remember how excited I would be every year to join Ali’s family at their beautiful home for Christmas and curl up by their stove in their gorgeous kitchen complete with floor to ceiling windows, dreaming that may be one day if I’m lucky I might have the same. When I walked into what is now our home, the only thing it was missing was a fire place and despite being at the very end of our renovation budget at that time, we managed to get the fire in for Christmas last year. I curl up on the sofa under a cosy wool throw most nights, I light all the candles and dim all of the lights. Sometimes I read, sometimes I watch TV with my husband and sometimes I

put on my favourite classical piano album and just sit. It is everything!



I know I’ve spoken about friendships on my blog before and how it took me a long time to really find my people. I was never the girl with a solid group of friends that flowed through school, university and into adult life. Instead I found my people and continue to find my people at differing stages throughout my life and I can’t tell you how often I sit there and smile at how much I’ve lucked out in the old friendship department if I do say so myself. But sometimes I can be my own worst enemy, closing myself off within that bubble so it’s been wonderful acknowledging that and  opening myself up to new friendships, navigating them with a wiser head on my shoulders. Because you are never too old to make new friends.


Even just writing these 5 Small Things down has lifted a mood that I didn’t think could be lifted today and I’m looking forward to sharing these more often with you. I’d love to know what Small Things you are grateful for in the comments below!

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