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24th June 2016 Lifestyle

5 Life Hacks to Make Every Day Run Smoother

DANONE7 DANONE6 DANONE4 DANONE5 DANONE3I don’t like standing still, and by standing still I mean not progressing. I want to always be working towards my goals whatever they may be, from being more productive and efficient to simply just living life better, there are always changes and progress to be made. Complacency is most certainly not an option. But with less and less time on our hands I have a few life hacks that I have been utilising over the passed few months to make every day living that little bit smoother.


[lem_title]Switch Up How You Shop[/lem_title]

Ali and I recently made the decision to stop food shopping in store, moving with the times and taking our food shop online. It’s not perfect by all means but it’s freed up what could be a 2-3 hour weekly chore and now takes a matter of minutes so you are now able to pick up all the fresh fruit, healthy meals and delicious Danone Light & Free Yogurts at the click of a button. Aside from the fact that theres no driving, theres no checkout queues and there’s no hauling the shopping from shop to car boot from car boot to kitchen with a few split carrier bags, which might I add cost 5p, throw in to the mix for good measure, but there’s also no temptation, no impulse calorie packed purchases and theres definitely no “drive home snack”…Ahem!

Our previous shopping lists are saved online so we can easily keep track of what we’ve ordered previously and at the click of a button repeat order for delivery within a matter of days. It’s made such a difference not having to trudge over to the super market and for time strapped young professionals like Ali and I, leaves us with the option to do something really productive with those free hours….Like working some more.


[lem_title]Change your relationship with Sugar[/lem_title]

I’ve got a sweet tooth and I only truly learnt how big and bad that tooth was when I move out and had stock the fridge myself. It’s taken a few years to change my relationship with sugar and there are most definitely good and bad days but on the whole I’ve embraced the little lighter options that the market currently has to offer and ensure that I always have those to hand/in the fridge, Yogurt being one of my saving graces. Poured over a big bowl of fruit, mixed in with some granola or devoured on it’s own it packs flavour and kills the cravings that can sometimes throw me off course. A firm favourite in our house at the moment is the Danone Light & Free Yogurt that has 0% added sugar and 0% fat free and is packed full of fruit and flavour. It’s great a sweet treat or a post gym snack and it’s really easy to just grab when you are in a rush which is me every morning I have to make a 9am meeting in London.


[lem_title]Deep Breaths[/lem_title]

The power of breathing really did change my life and enables me to deal with day to day stresses in a way that I never thought possible. Just learning to take back control of the rhythm of your breath when you are stressed or anxious can be the deciding factor between letting it all get on top of you or calming yourself down. I give myself 10minutes of deep breathing to get my head back in the zone and for the last 2 years this has not failed me once and is probably the one life hack to have the biggest impact on my every day life.


[lem_title]Eat Smarter[/lem_title]

I like to think that preparation is a big part of succeeding and I take that with me in whatever I do right through to my lifestyle. Ali taught me very early on about how important it was to meal prep and that it wasn’t just for Physique Competitors, it actually works extremely effectively no matter what your goals. Preparing your meals in advance considerably minimises the changes of over indulging or losing sight of your health goals. If the meal is there ready to roll and all you have to do is heat it up, I pick the meal prep over cooking something not so healthy from scratch every single time and as I devour the last mouthful I’ve forever thankful that we spend that hour every Sunday preparing our meals a head of our busy schedules.

It takes at most 2 hours to prepare our meals for the week but saves us hours throughout the week when we need the time the most and it plays a key role in being able to stick to a healthy lifestyle.


[lem_title]Organise Your Fridge[/lem_title]

When we re did the kitchen in our house, aside from the new sink, the fridge was one of the things we were most excited about. The old owners had actually left their old fridge which we had used, and hated ever since. So when we finally decorated in their injecting natural light and earthy textures, we picked our dream fridge and completely over hauled our fridge etiquette. It is now an organised space where healthy foods and nutritious treats are easily identifiable and accessible. There’s no naughtiness in sight, even the chocolate buttons are good.

So taking pride and keeping the space where you keep your food organised is not only good for keeping on track but I also find its good for peace of mind also.

What are your life hacks that you can’t live without, let me know in the comments as I’m always looking for new ones?

This post is in sponsored collaboration with Danone.



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