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27th January 2015 Wellness

5 Different types of Cardio for February

Cardio5Cardio3Cardio6 Cardio2 Cardio1Cardio4Cardio7I can’t tell you how proud I am when I see the buzz on my news feed at this time of year from people talking about their new fitness routines and reaching their goals. Yeah OK so it might be a little harder to park than normal at your gym but it really is wonderful to see so many people making a change.

For me it’s about spicing up my workouts right now as sometimes it can get a little mundane. I especially love mixing up my cardio because lets face it, cardio is boring. There’s just no sugar coating that! So below are my top 5 cardio fail safe options for every day workouts. Sometimes I’ll mix it up by doing 10 mins of each of 15 mins of 2 just so it doesn’t really drag out!



Every gym has them and unless your gym is real fancy the view won’t be all that stimulating and the process will 9 times out of 10 be quite arduous. You can spice things up a bit throwing in some HIIT Sprints or an incline here and there. But the important thing is to ensure you bare the load of your body weight so whatever you do, don’t hold on.



Probably my least favourite of the bunch but a great cardio workout none the less. I like to take it leisurely for a minute and then HIIT sprint for 30 seconds, sometimes if I’m training with my PT he likes to whack the resistance up, which often leaves me unable to walk for the next few days.



This is my absolute favourite type of cardio, I mean who doesn’t want to hit things and lose weight for doing so?! I’m yet to go it alone on the bag but I love throwing a punch or 10 at my PT. Sometimes, just somtimes I like to image its someone else standing there with the pads.

But beside the enjoyment boxing is a great high intensity full body workout which incorporates both endurance and cardio, I never fail to leave the gym in a bad mood after this kind of session.


Stepper/Stair master

I like to make full use of both whether its 10 minutes on each or a blast on one followed by a quick 5 minutes on the other. Make sure you keep your heels glued down whilst on the stepper and you’ll enjoy a glute workout as well. The two combined leave me questioning my sanity hah!



The beauty of skipping? It can be done just about anywhere which is great for travelling or those days when you don’t have enough time to hit the gym. Just 15-20minutes of skipping can burn considerable calories whilst also toning muscle.

I just love the fact it fits in my suitcase!


What cardio will you be doing tonight?



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