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13th July 2015 Beauty

3 Steps to Living Well

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed but things have been a bit manic over here for the last few months so I had realised that I needed to start doing alot more of what I like to call “Living Well”. I wanted to take care of myself more and make a point of scheduling in some serious down time and indulgence. I don’t want to look back on the life I lead with regret, that I didn’t live it exceptionally. So whilst away in Mallorca I set myself some goals as part of Clinique’s #FaceForward campaign. The campaign is all about looking forward, reaching goals and living life with no regrets. What an incredible message to spread.

It’s not easy to set aside time for yourself especially when the last thing you would be able to make time for is sitting and meditating for 20 minutes when there are deadlines looming. It makes me feel panicky just thinking about it. That is until you’ve sat down and taken the time to reflect on your day, put your thoughts in order and any stresses there may be, well and truly to bed.

So whilst away I set myself a goal of guided meditation at least once a week, with a view of increasing the sessions the more engrained they became into my schedule. It’s not been easy but as my stress levels creep up with an ever increasing workload it’s now a priority for me to ensure I’m scheduling in this time more frequently. My aim now is to allow time for  guided meditation twice a week. I owe myself that much.

Your skin is your largest organ and a key factor in my goals for living well. I’ve shifted my focus from looking good to living good which means not just focusing on the inside. As I sat at the Clinique counter a few weeks back it dawned on me that I had never actually had a proper skincare routine. Because I’d lived so long with acne my focus was purely on drying them up and ridding my face of them, I’d never really thought about my skin as a whole. Along with protecting my skin from the suns rays and every-day pollution I’m now looking to really look after my skin from cleansing right through to moisturising. Currently I’m trying the Clinique 3 Step programme which helps create the cleanest, healthiest version of your skin, to ensure you fall back in love with the skin your in.

Because of all the manicness that is in my life at the moment, my normal routine is a distant memory. I can’t take meal preps and a 2 ltr bottle of water on a plane, but I would if I could. So where I am usually sat smugly behind my computer screen telling you all to drink more water, I now need to take my own advice when on the go. I feel down right awful if I’m not hydrated, almost like  I’ve got a hangover. So the final factor of my goal for over hauling the way I live life is to practice what I preach wherever I am in the world.


Our bodies are phenomenal and they deserve to be treated to the very best every day. These are 3 factors of my goal to living well from my mind to my body. Clinique invites you to make a promise to the future. Share the pledge you’re making to yourself via Twitter @Clinique_UK and Instagram @cliniqueuk. Take part in the #faceforward campaign to motivate yourself and inspire others!

This post is in collaboration with Clinique but all opinions are my own.

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