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9th January 2017 Beauty

Why I’m Using Haute Couture Skincare In 2017



Christian Louboutin shoes, Chanel handbags, ASOS Hauls; we spend so much on what we wear. Bond st. Selfridges and Harrods are all packed with people spending money on the latest “It” bag and must have accessories. But are we applying the same level of importance to our skin. Over the last few years, I have had more fun than ever experimenting with new products, establishing what works, and what doesnt work for my skin type, experiencing the full effects of what a good product can have on your skin, and in turn your confidence.

If you watched my Vlogmas series in December you would have seen in this video, I discovered the Extreme Comfort Cream from 30 year old luxury Parisian skin treatment brand Anne Semonin, who truly understand the essence of what Haute Couture skincare is all about with their “made-to-measure” Spa inspired collection which aims to visibly enhance skin radiance, and if you are new around here, you may not know that “radiance” is basically my middle name.

Following a bout of sensitive, temperamental skin, I almost bit the hand off when offered the opportunity to tailor make my skincare to achieve my very own Haute Couture routine which addresses my skin woes as and when they need it. And with Bespoke skincare being one of the key trends of 2017, I thought I would share my own current tips to achieving Haute Couture skin.


– Haute Water – 

The super hydrating  Tissue Serum is affectionately known as the “Little Bottle Of Water” due to it’s ability to balance the hydration levels of the skin whilst being completely oil free, mattifying and being suitable for all skin types. Perfect for the Oil-phobes amongst us.

This is a wonder product for my thirsty skin which doesn’t leave a layer of oil on the surface, instead this powerful product is said to be able to penetrate deep down into the middle layer of the skin, hydrating from the inside out. Although despite all that power, the Tissue Serum is gentle enough for even the most delicate of areas such as the eye area, lips and neck.

This is the product I reach for every morning, in the same way I reach for a glass of water.


 Concentrated Seawater – maintains hydration balance
Ginkgo Biloba- blood circulation and oxygenation
Rose water – soothing, hydrating.
Hydrolized Marine Collagen – tones the skin
Chlorella – anti-ageing, boosts the vitality and energy of the cells, smoothing and toning


– Bespoke –

Due to hormonal changes over the years, because let’s face it, us girls don’t half mess around with them, my skin has experienced its fair share of temperamental stages. From Adult acne through to severe dryness and irritation. Recently I’ve been battling with the latter, leading to bouts of extremely irritated skin mainly around the right hand side of my chin.

Using the Soothing Intensive Complex from Anne Semonin has been the only product to treat and achieve a noticeable reduction in the irritated and inflamed skin by blending a couple of drops of both the Soothing Trace Element and Soothing Essential Oil to achieve the best results for my skin complaint.

The Soothing Trace Element contains  the minerals required by the body in order to aid the growth and health of your skin.

Ingredients: Chromium, Cobalt, Iodine


Whilst the Soothing Essential Oils heal and soothe the skin’s surface and reach deep within the layers.

Ingredients: Centella Asiatica, Lemon Peel, Majoram and Laurel

In order to preserve the potency of the product the components are sealed in individual bottles to enable the ability to tailor the treatment to your skin.

In the beginning when my skin was at its most inflamed and the bumps were most noticeable I increased the Soothing Essential Oil allowing the soothing properties to treat the irritated area whilst I am now currently introducing a high concentration of the Soothing Trace Element to nourish and improve the overall health of the healing skin.

To tailor your skincare further and introduce more of the Soothing Intensive Complex across your skincare you can also add the components to your Masks and Face Creams.

There are three Intensive Complexes to choose from; Firming, Balancing and Soothing.


– Develop your Haute Couture skincare routine –

1. Listen to your skin and how it reacts to certain properties, products and brands. As much as I wanted to be able to use Balm cleansers, my skin just does not like them so I have to respect that and tailor my skincare regime accordingly.

2.Tailor your diet to reflect in your skin. We have a saying in our house, if it runs, swims, flies or grows from the ground, eat it because it’s good for you. I guess that might not be totally correct but we use it as a guide to ensure we are eating as best we can for our body and our skin and a tailor made healthy diet is an essential part of great skincare.

3. Bespoke, Made to measure skincare is an integral part of perfecting your skincare routine whilst also treating your skincare woes with the correct components in the correct quantities.

4.  Whether it’s Haute Couture skincare or not, always, always ALWAYS remove your make up before bed. This is non negotiable, no matter how heavy the night or how tired you are. You have one face!

5. Hydrate from the outside in and the inside out. Drink lots of water and use products which penetrate deep into the layers of the skin.


This Post is in Sponsored Collaboration with Anne Semonin.

Photography – Reece Chapman.



Extreme Comfort Cream

Soothing Intensive Complex

Tissue Serum

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