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7th November 2011 Outfits

When I grow up…



Happy Monday people!
I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I went for my friend Freya’s boyfriends birthday on Friday which was really lovely, I met her Twin sister and lots of her friends from her home town (she’s a Uni pal) they were all so nice and it was a really enjoyable night although that might of had something to do with the fact that they ordered a “Kitchen Sink” in Hakamou, which is a bar decorated similar to a Tikki lounge that does strange cocktails in Coconuts and Pineapples and as I found out on friday…Kitchen sinks….It consisted of a number of bottles of alcohol such as Moet and Jack Daniels for £100!!! Sheeesh. I wore the outfit in the below post which I absolutely LOVE the shirt/dress was an absolute FIND, I will get soooo much wear out of this as A) It’s black and I do love a bit of black and B) Its a shirt, which means I can put a Ribbon Bow on it, because thats all I seem to wear these days hahah!
Saturday I went to the Fireworks in Duston and I did enjoy it although the mere 15minutes of actual fireworks and £2 for a cup of warm brown water (aka hot chocolate) was a bit of a shame….also the HOUR that it took us to get out of the car park was a killer too but we arrived home in time for a bit of Saturday night TV :).
Today I’ve had a huge clean of the Diggs (I even did the cooker….but I won’t be doing that again any time soon…soooo gross) and I’ve had a bit of a re style of my room, I was getting a bit bored of all the Cath Kidston I had going on and wanted to opt for something a bit more neutral and simple! Luckily the Rents got me these gorgeous bed sheets when I moved into halls which I had completely forgotten about. I organized my shoes too and thought they looked so cute so I took a lil picture of them too, Boots had to go in the coat closet because there just isn’t enough room. Also found my vintage Vogue magazine from the month and year that I was born, so I will be reading that for the 1000th time before bed tonight.
Finally got my Autumn coat for an absolute STEEEEAAAAL so will be outfit posting tomorrow before my gorgeous boyfriend arrives back from Italy (he passed his Master Ski Instructor exam….so proud).

P.s. Yes I have the UGLIEST curtains ever. they were here when we moved in!

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