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30th December 2013 Beauty

What’s in my make-up bag?

1. Bare Minerals loose powder foundation – Medium Beige
I’ve used Bare Minerals foundation for around 5 years now. It was rather a difficult transition from normal foundations as your face tends to feel quite naked and light with it. But this foundation seems to be the best match for my skin tone, liquids and cakes either left me too orange or too pink.
If you can, I’d always suggest getting the pressed powder over the loose as it lasts an age longer. For example the tub in the picture will last about 2 months whereas I have my warmer shade for when I’m more tanned and I’ve had that since I went to Paris for my birthday in April and used it throughout Summer.

2. Primark Eyelash Curler
I probably need to upgrade my eyelash curling equipment as buying this one was purely to see whether I’d use it…and I use it every day. My hair is quite wavy but my Eyelashes appear to be poker straight so this torturous looking piece of equipment is a necessity in my daily make up routine.

3. Chanel Bronzer – Destiny
I love how natural this shade looks on as I’m not one for powder pink cheeks. I use it just under my cheek bones and blend it up to the apples of my cheeks, and also in the crease of my eyes and my hair line for a bit of warmth. I can hear the Make-Up artist’s palms hitting their face as I write this.

4. Bobbi Brown Concealer – Beige 3
I purchased this concealer on a whim, I was just starting to see the effects of Roaccutane on my skin and found myself excited about make-up all of a sudden. So I decided to purchase Concealer…of all things. I does look great under my eyes though as I don’t think there’s a pill in the land that can help that area out. New Year’s resolution is more sleep.

5. Japonesque Mascara – Black
Do not buy this mascara. It’s only still in my make-up bag because I haven’t had time to buy a new one. This has got to be the worst mascara I have ever used in my life. And at £18 I’m not happy to admit that. It smudges all over my face and there’s nothing “lash loading” about it. I purchased two items from the Japonesque counter in John Lewis MK, a pair of tweezers and this…I took the tweezers back because they didnt “tweeze” but didn’t feel I could return the mascara after I’d used it.
I was attracted by the pretty packaging but completely let down by both purchases.

6. Barry M Liquid Eyeliner – Black
Sometimes the cheaper options are the best and I’m yet to find an eyeliner that rivals the lasting power and nib precision of this Barry M liquid eyeliner. I bought the Gosh liquid eyeliner pen yesterday, it looked like I’d put my eyeliner on with a half run-out felt tip pen.

7. Smashbox Highlighting Wand – Gold
I have a phobia of glitter on my face. I hate the stuff! I don’t like the look and I personally think it cheapens a make-up look so this “highlighing wand” / Pen filled with Borrower size glitter was a stranger purchase for me but I’ve found it looks great just below your eyebrows once you’ve penciled them in so for now I’m just gonna go with it.

8. M.A.C. Brush 182
I initially bought the Bare Minerals foundation brush which is similar in shape and size to this M.A.C. one but within a month it would need replacing as the bristles were all breaking and sticking to my face. This may be due to the ferocity of my make-up application but the 182 brush seems to withstand it well, I’ve had this one for about 6 months now and it’s still soldiering on.

9. HD Brows blush brush
My boyfriend and I were invited to the Aspire Drink launch a few weeks back but I was unable to attend. He kindly brought back one of their fantastic goodie bags for me which were full of great products and this brush was one of them, it’s a perfect fit for applying my bronzer just below my cheek bones. The only draw back is its length which isn’t very make-up bag friendly.

10. HD Brows Brow Pencil – Black
Another from the Aspire Drink goodie bag which I’d heard a lot about on Twitter so I squealed a bit when I found it at the bottom of the bag. I never envisioned it would replace my beloved Eyelure pencil but the colour is a perfect match for my bushy brows so I’m finding I only use the Eyelure one for it’s convenient brow brush, I think HD Brows would benefit from adding this to their brow pencil design.
It’s a bit strange when it comes to sharpening, you have two pieces of string which somehow you are supposed to pull and then carve away the wax but I think it will be a cross that bridge when I get to it jobby as it seems to last very well.

11. H&M Eyeshadow Brush
I picked this brush up in store. I wasn’t sure why I was buying it, certainly wasn’t for eyeshadow but now I use it for blending in concealer as and when I may randomly need it. I can’t remember exactly how much it cost but I remember it wasn’t expensive in the slightest and has lasted really well considering.

12. Tweezerman Tweezers
I have to tidy my brows on a daily basis, I’m not sure if this is due to “brow-paranoia” but regardless I don’t leave the house without them. It really is amazing what I miss through bleary eyes at 6 in the morning.

13. Carmex
One of the biggest ball-aches of being on Roaccutane is what it does to your lips, they need constant attention in the form of lip balms and I’ve had to ensure that I have a pot in my car, desk, gym bag, every handbag and coat pocket because you really do want to rip them off if your caught without. I don’t really wear lip colours but lipstick for a night out is completely out of the question anyway as I found out on Boxing day, so if I do want a splash of colour for a special occasion I found that lip stains are the only option…with an inch thick layer of Carmex on top.

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