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25th March 2019 Outfits






Last week was pretty damn miserable here in the UK (and in Paris where I was stranded for most of the week) but this week, things are looking up and with 1 week until British Summer time, I can’t be the only person itching to dust off and update my Spring wardrobe.


Moving through the seasons always has me excited for a fresh start and there’s no start fresher than Spring. I’ve already started putting to one side all of the items I plan to cleanse from my wardrobe which always sort of feels like the equivalent of flinging open all the windows of your home to let the fresh air in on the first day of the new season, which of course I will be doing as well when I get my home ready for Spring too.


It’s always a bit of a difficult one at the same time, because the weather can still be quite cold, it feels almost criminal to be spending money on clothing we may not be able to wear just yet, but if there’s one thing I’ve realised over the years, it’s that the good stuff goes early so I’m putting together my essential shopping list for Spring to ensure no one misses out!



No. 1


My footwear of choice, year on year is a good quality pair of espadrille wedges from Castaner. I have had my first two pairs since 2017 and the fact that they are cream and have lasted that long is a miracle but a good spritz of Crep Protect goes a long way!

They are my most versatile Spring/Summer shoe, going from cropped denim jeans to delicate flowing dresses seamlessly and they come in every colour and style you could wish for. BUT…they sell out fast, especially in the most neutral of colours so I have already stocked up this week with the colours I intend to be wearing this season as well as a fresh new pointed style which I love for elongating the legs.

Shop the best Castaner Wedges

No. 2


My style is so contrasting from Winter to Summer and I’m at that point where I cannot wait to be wearing gorgeous linen dresses and drinking gin in the garden with the patio doors open. I’ve already started buying a few in preparation but every day that I check, more are added to my wish list; from Zimmermann to LoveShackFancy. I love how a simple white dress can be switched up with something as simple as a statement pair of Manolos or a delicately patterned handbag.

Shop my white dress essentials

No. 3


They have been the must have Spring/Summer accessory for the last two years and every year I think I won’t need another, and so far every year I’ve been wrong as I recently purchased another basket bag from Prada. They are the perfect ‘country girl chic’ accessory which just happen to pair perfectly with white linen dresses and Castaner wedges.

Shop the latest basket bag styles

No. 4


If there’s one area you can always justify spending a little more,  it’s on good denim. Usually I find myself hunting for the perfect pair of jeans to slip my pins into, but right now it’s a distressed midi skirt to add that feminine edge to all the tailored white shirts I wear around this time of year. I’m thinking tight fitted but with a forgiving split, light but not too light in colour and a good amount of distressing that says “this old thing!” when you actually bought it last week.

Shop Denim Skirts


No. 5


Nothing finishes off and sets the tone of a seasonal outfit quite like the perfect fragrance. I’ve become quite passionate about fragrance and love how with outfit and tone, you can change yours to suit perfectly. I always have a couple of perfumes on rotation as I don’t like getting used to just one and I’m always on the look for new, slightly niche brands and fragrances so that I’m always wearing something just a little bit different.

Shop Spring Fragrances





What’s on your Spring shopping list and how gorgeous is the weather right now?



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