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18th March 2015 Outfits

Unapologetically Me.

wang4 wang2 wang5 wang9 wang3 wang11 wang7 wang1 wang6 wang8If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve been getting rather spendy in the fashion department lately but if you look back through my blog you will see gradual transition occur. I’ve completely overhauled my buying patterns opting for staple pieces rather than filling my wardrobe to within an inch of it’s life with items I probably wont wear by the time next month makes an appearance. In reality, I think it all started with this leather jacket that I picked up with a gift card from Next. It’s from Whistles (I know, who knew Next did Whistles?!) and it is my most beloved leather jacket ever. This leather jacket taught me a lesson, oh lord, will the madness never cease, first I’m emotionally attached to my clothes and now they’re teaching me life lessons? But yes, in short my leather jacket taught me a lesson.

Quality over quantity has been one of my mantra’s for a long time, but strangely I’d never  thought of applying it to my wardrobe. This leather jacket showed me that a little investment goes a lot lot further and this jacket will be a staple in my wardrobe for many seasons to come. Let’s face it, leather this good ain’t never going out of fashion.

Once the penny (or pounds…whatever) dropped the transition began. When I started my blog I wore disco pants and JC lita’s, when I started LIFE I wore baby grows and dribbled on my self, and that’s all cool. But just because that was my thang back then doesn’t mean it is right now. My blog is my online diary where I share my love of fashion, health and life in general. It will never read like a magazine or become an outlet for what industry trends dictate and if I ever start telling you guys what you should and shouldn’t be wearing this season, you have my permission to take my tiny tush to one side and tell me what for.

I want us all to wear what we want to wear and be happy for each other (that sounded far less hippyish in my head) If that fluffy two piece from Missguided is something you just have to have, then have it even if it takes a little saving. If you’ve just got to have those Alexander Wang boots that you’ve wanted since forever then have them even if it takes A LOT of saving!

The beauty of blogging is we get to be unapologetically us whilst we do it, and this where I’m at right now.



Leather Jacket – Whistles (sold out similar here)     Roll neck – ASOS    Boots – Alexander Wang (or real leather dupes here)     Skirt – H&M (similar here)     Watch – Daniel Wellington     Necklace – H&M (so old it’s embarrassing)

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