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2nd December 2016 Outfits

Treating yourself this Christmas

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It’s the time to be enjoyed by all, it almost feels as if there are festivities of a different nature, culture or religion almost every day, it really is a wonderful feeling.

Good cheer, well wishes and all that malarky, I become well and truly immersed in the spirit of this time of year. I live for the gasps and smiles of well received gifts. Buying for people you care about is one of the most rewarding aspects of life. Giving back to the people who have given you so much over the years is the true definition of priceless.


BUT, and that is one very large but in this, sometimes…just sometimes, it is also time to treat ourselves.


Life is stressful, whether you live it to the fullest or not and I truly feel that sometimes, it’s important to remember ourselves in the equation. So in between scouring the shops for the perfect gifts for the ones you love, don’t for get about the one person you need to show a bit more love, yourself!

I’ve put together a gift guide not just for the important friends and family in your life, but also to give yourself a little break as the whirlwind of the festivities can take its toll.

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[lem_title]TREAT YOURSELF[/lem_title]

I am a huge believer in treating yourself to things every now and then. Hey sometimes even more frequent. We all work so hard, no matter what industry, pay packet or job title. Everyone works hard and it’s important to allow yourself to enjoy the fruits of your hard work such as these classically beautiful watches from TIMEX which come in an endless array of styles and colours. The gold being my time piece of choice to see in the festivities whilst always reminding myself that I am important and what’s even better than the fact that they come in so many styles and colours? The fact that they have a really great price point, so you can enjoy your personal style with the change of a watch and if you’re feeling generous, wrap one up for Christmas.



[lem_title]SELF CARE[/lem_title]

I am a nightmare for this one, so I really need to start practicing what I preach more, but take care of yourself in the sense that your mind and body are so important. You only get one of each, and it will tell the world if you aren’t taking care of it. A lack of sleep, a lack of general self care and just not giving yourself enough time to breath when you are spending so much of your time thinking about others at this time of year, can be extremely detrimental.

As I said, I am by no means perfect at this, and this is just as much a reminder to me as it is to you. With a very stressful week a head, where I’ve managed to book in a little too much. I’m already preparing what I plan to do for myself to get me back in top form.





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[lem_title]GIVING BACK[/lem_title]

Although we are talking about treating ourselves this Christmas, it can’t be denied how rewarding and self gratifying it is to give back. Whether its to family and friends in the form of specially selected gifts or stepping up your help when it comes to those less fortunate. This is my favourite time to have a clear out and give so much more to Charity.

When it comes to gifts for family and friends, I like to make them as personal as possible by selecting well and introducing little touches. I love buying watches such as these from TIMEX and getting special messages engraved on the back, like little reminders to those I love when I’m not around. I’m a bit sentimental like that. But the level of happiness I, myself benefit from, when giving to others is an important part of my own self care.


[lem_title]DRESS UP[/lem_title]

Sometimes, getting up early, washing your hair, doing your make up and styling up your favourite outfit is the only treat you need. As someone so passionate about personal style, so passionate in fact I devoted my life to it, getting dressed up and feeling great is a real treat. Styling up different designers, fabrics, accessories and timepieces never gets old for me and I love how different items and outfits are able to make you feel.


What will you be treating yourself to this Christmas?

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Photography – Reece Chapman




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This post is in sponsored collaboration with TIMEX.



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