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20th April 2016 Beauty

Top 5 Spring Beauty Bag Essentials



Spring beauty is a fresh dewy glow with subtle pops of pastel hues, its fun and flirtatious, and a real moment to have fun with your every day face. Season upon season there are beauty releases and revivals to ensure your skin, hair and make-up are ready for anything, so I curated my absolute essentials to see you through the Spring beauty trends safely, because this girl right here may not be known for her elaborate make up looks but most certainly knows what works and where your money is best spent.


[lem_title]Spring Nudes[/lem_title] OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Nude Lip has become somewhat of a safety net of mine over the years, it has always been my spectrum of comfort and it can make me nervous at just the thought of change. But Spring beauty never fails to inspire me, from the Sakura trees that line the streets where I live to the sheer fabrics that tumble against flushed skin. It makes me want to step outside my comfort zone whilst staying true to my timid approach to make-up and after getting lost in my make-up box one afternoon, playing, as if I was a little girl again and this Velvet Coral lip pencil from NARS cosmetics in shade ‘Waimea’ caught my eye. It struck me as the perfect option for the girl who likes to play it safe, it really is one of those Universal shades that compliments almost all skin tones and still offering a pop of feminine Spring colour without being over baring or garish. To add an element of morning dew, I dab a little of the Lancome Juicy Shaker in shade ‘Freedom of Peach’ to the centre of my lips, this accentuates the fullness of my pout without being sticky or gooey like some glosses can be; A really good option, if like me you prefer a more matte finish but you fancy switching it up a little this season.

[lem_title]Brightening Base[/lem_title]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ByTerry Cellularose Brightening CC Serum is a regular amongst my beauty essentials and it should be in yours too. It comes in 4 shades ’01 Immaculate Light’, ’02 Rose Elixir’, ’03 Apricot Glow’ & ’04 Sunny Flash’. From Spring to Summer I keep to shades 03 & 04 to ensure my skin tone is warm and radiant, for the colder months I mix all 4 shades together keep my skin looking bright and healthy in the time of year when skin suffers the most. But my most favourite trick is to use shade 04 in the mornings when I head to the gym, it means I can give myself a flash of colour with confidence. One of the many USP’s of ByTerry is that their collection actually blurs the line between make-up and skincare meaning when your skin is at is most sensative and your pores are detoxifying in the gym, the Cellularose Serum will be doing all that good stuff rather than clogging up your skin. This really is my saving grace at 7am.

[lem_title]Spring Scent[/lem_title]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe way we smell is important, more important than I ever imagined it to be. I change the scent of my home with the seasons and it’s important that I refresh my personal scent with it too. Like every aspect of my life, I have a style, a comfort zone, a spectrum.

The very moment I heard of Chanel’s Oliver Polge’s collection of Prestige fragrances for Thierry Mugler, I knew it would be love but a Spring love affair was not what I had expected. I fell instantly in love with ‘Supra Floral’ and its velvety smooth, sweet floral scent of Hyacinth and incense which panders to my love of Exclusive fragrances, offering luxurious scents that are anything but ordinary.

[lem_title]Pastel Pearls[/lem_title]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPearls are always appropriate, draped around ones neck, strewn across dressing tables and now, dusted over luminous skin. What was life before the Guerlain ‘Meteorites’ Illuminating Pearls? I simply can’t remember. Since I started dusting these little orbs of light reflecting Stardust technology onto my skin I have, in short, never stopped. I opt for shade Clair to really brighten my Spring complexion and whilst the mauve pearls catch and reflect the light, there is pastel yellow to counteract any redness and pink for that seasonal freshness which all work together simultaneously to finish what is a perfected, radiant and bright complexion.

[lem_title]Facial Mist[/lem_title]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat cosmetics brand doesn’t offer some form of facial mist these days? And rightly so, because they are an essential part of any well rounded beauty routine. A quick spritz awakens the face, refreshes make-up and also provides staying power. But for Spring beauty, facial sprays can give back radiance and dew that can get lost in all the lotions and potions of today.

Clarins’ Fix Make-Up is just beautiful, enriched with one of my favourite Super-plants, Aloe Vera to sooth my tired skin and grapefruit for those days when it needs a little more help waking up. But aside from the beautiful components of the product, the actual spray mechanism its self is by far the best I have come across offering the most fine and delicate mist to your skin that is weightless, cooling and effective.


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All images taken on the Olympus PEN E-PL7 .

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