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4th January 2016 Outfits

Tips for Styling Sportluxe


The season to be jolly is not far gone and yet we are now well on our way to the season of good health. It always makes me feel such admiration hearing about and witnessing those on the first steps of their new lifestyle regardless of how frustrating it might be finding a parking space in my gym at the moment. People changing their lives for the better is a great thing.

Having a passion for both health and fashion means far too often they tend to spill over into one another which I can only imagine is the driving force behind the Sportluxe trend. But for myself this isn’t a seasonal trend and it lives on throughout the year whether I’m running from the gym to meetings or simply just opting for a more comfortable get up for the day ahead and over the years I’ve found some great little style hacks to ensure my outfits always look exactly that, Luxe!

[lem_title]Hybrid Denim[/lem_title]

They look like denim but they feel like leggings. The new Hybrid Denim was born in 2015 and revolutionised denim for the Active woman. We could now bend and flex in form fitting flattering denim and feel totally comfortable regardless of our activity. I picked this pair of Hudson hybrids on a whirlwind shopping trip in Selfridges one evening, and it’s safe to say I now need them in every colour. Their comfort and support is, for me, unrivalled and there is absolutely no chance of them stretching our and losing that incredible shape which is definitely their USP.

[lem_title]Luxe Kicks[/lem_title]

There are trainers for training and there are trainers for styling and it’s super important to know the difference to ensure you are always wearing the appropriate footwear for your chosen activity. But sometimes, just sometimes you’ll stumble across a pair that suits your training style just like it does your fashion and if well looked after they will be a little gem in your Sportluxe wardrobe. Monochrome colour pallets tend to work best for the style but all black outfits can sometimes offer up a little window for a pop of neon should you wish. I opted for a simple pair of Premium Nike Thea’s which contrast this look whilst providing me with a pair of shoes that I can run around London in being super proactive.

[lem_title]Roll Necks[/lem_title]

Roll necks have been my style staple this Winter and I’ve bought so many in a variety of colours and fabrics but my most worn has been black cashmere. This style has offered my skin the ultimate in softness and my body the ultimate in comfort and all I had to do was pull it over my head and arrange the roll neck smartly. There’s zero fuss and if you choose the right one it will fit perfectly whilst being the most comfortable item in your Sportluxe wardrobe (and normal wardrobe for that matter).

[lem_title]Statement Outerwear[/lem_title]

This is the item in the outfit where you can throw out the rule book and wear whatever you damn well want. Whether it’s a uber cool Acne inspired Aviator or a smart knee length over coat the choice is yours and there are so many gorgeous styles to fit every budget. The one I’m wearing will definitely surprise you, firstly it’s not real leather and secondly it costs £70 from Maniere De Voir which for something that is so very well made and designed is a great price.

[lem_title]Arm Candy[/lem_title]

My outfit is not complete without something special on my arm and styling Sportluxe is no different. I like to go for glossed black leathers with cold minimal hardware and this Givenchy Antigona from Luisaviaroma was the perfect choice. Not only does it make it’s own little statement on my arm but it’s also the perfect size for filling to the brim with daily essentials such as Olympus PEN’s, diaries and MacBooks, without it being too over-sized and over powering.


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Bag - Luisaviaroma


Jacket - Maniere De Voir


Denim - Hudson


Roll neck - Jaeger


Trainers -  Nike


Sunglasses - Celine


Phonecase - Madotta

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