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24th November 2011 Style

The Style Stealer



Hat – River Island
Shirt – H&M Mens
Cardigan – Topshop
Leggings – Primark light control (actually the best leggings for every day)
Socks – Topshop
Boots – Melody Direct
Scarf – C/o Rupali Online
Good Mornin to you all!
I wore this outfit yesterday to my Superdry interview, it was sooo snugly and warm I bought some mittens from Primark for £2 to go with it too. This outfit is a completely inspired by Penelope over at Fashion Fade although she wore a Camo shirt (which i’ve now ordered) and some AMAZING Miista boots.
I’m always totally flattered when people go out and buy something that I’ve worn or even a complete outfit (I used to judge outfits on how many people asked me where I got it from when I was at work) because as they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery but it does irritate me if someone tries to pass it off as there own when they’ve completely forgot that they actually asked you where you got a certain item or outfit from. If your taking inspiration from someone else’s style, embrace it and rock it, but don’t deny it! At the end of they day the majority of us trawl blogs for hours in search of inspiration, so pay homage to those who do inspire you! Therefore Penelope, this one’s for you.

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