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30th November 2011 Outfits

The portable dustbin

This is the contents of my bag from Friday of last week, I contemplated doing a shot INTO the bag, but you see the title of this post? well thats why. So we have the standard Mulberry bag, I went through a Massive phase of wanting everything and anything Mulberry but its kinda fizzled out a tad now, (note Mulberry Keyring one and Mulberry keyring two) Then there’s my Viv westwood purse that I got from Bicester Village, Originally I wanted a purse to match my bag but Mulberry no longer does the Patent Oxblood colour…Sad times! Next theres my new iPhone 4S (Minus Mulberry iPhone Case LOST/STOLEN) with the wireless headphones that my Dad got me after I shared my frustrations about cables getting tangled in handbag handles, am I the only one that DETESTS this?
I keep it pretty simple these days as far as cosmetics as I used to carry my entire make up bag around with me but just cannot be dealing with it these days, I never re touch during the day anyway so a bit of 8 hour cream does me fine. The other tube is Aloe Vera gel as I’m having my first SK:N treatment tomorrow which although I’m super excited to be having it after 6 years of needing it….it hurts and when I say hurts I mean MUTHA B******’ hurts, plus it leaves your skin looking like something from a horror movie and the Aloe Vera was in my bag for the Patch test that I had on friday!
And Finally I decided to take the old Vintage Vogue to work on Saturday as I kinda get a bit lost on lunch breaks as I don’t really eat lunch, just a coffee and death stick (see photo) so reading material is always needed.
Well that was all a tad boring….but moving swiftly on, I’m sure you’ve all noticed that i’ve changed the name of my blog to my full name, “buying tings” just wasn’t cutting the mustard for me and in reality it wasn’t even the name I wanted but I never could have predicted how much I would enjoy blogging and that I would actually, for once in my life, stick at something! I tried to come up with something a bit quirky but I’m just not good at stuff like that, so the birth name it is! also don’t take too much notice of the banner, that will be changing and if I havent corrected any areas of my blog with the new URL, please please please let me know!

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