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5th November 2020
october blog post

Hello! And welcome to The Monthly Essentials Edit, a list of all the products I have been loving every month that I may or may not have already told you about but ones that I really want to shine a light on. The beauty industry is WILD right now and I know I’m not alone in finding it all a little over whelming there’s new launches every single day and it’s not always easy to sift through the crap and find what actually works anymore so I’m hoping The Monthly Essentials Edit will become your trusted source of information when it comes to what is really worth spending your money on.

As always this blog is not a one way street and I want to hear what products you currently can’t live without in the comments below, so please share and discuss because I’ve got my credit card ready to discover some game changers from you too.


I have had this product sat in my beauty drawer for what feels like years but it was more than likely a few months and I just thought it was another beauty product jumping on to the latest trend. You know how there’s CBD everything now a days and once upon a time it was goji berries and the time before that it was something else. I thought maybe magnesium was the next big trend but in all honesty, its not a trend at all and this body butter really WORKS. Now it’s not the answer to insomnia for me but what I have experienced is a noticeably deeper sleep from using it every single night. I had got myself in to a bizarre habit of waking up in the night quite regularly and I think it was down to not being in a deep enough sleep and the first time I used this cream I couldn’t believe how deeply I slept. Perhaps it was a fluke? oh no! the next night was the same and the night after and so on. The only time it can’t help me is when I have a bit of a panicky time. Sadly it’s no match for those times but thankfully, they are now few and far between. So for the majority of the time, I’m sleeping soundly, in fact I’ve even been known to sleep through the times when Lumi brings a mouse in, in the middle of the night which before the Neom Magnesium body butter, that was unheard of! It’s such a brilliant and helpful product that actually works for both my husband and I which we have repurchased many times.
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I’ve seen it referred to as an “overly sponsored” product but for me, I use it and have worked on it because it actually works. I have a super sensitive scalp and a lot of the products that work for my hair sadly don’t work for my scalp. After chatting to Chloe in Curve I think we established I have a bit of psoriasis which flares up due to some products and my own personal formula from FoB has never caused irritation, smells incredible (I opt for their menthol fragrance which is wonderful first thing in the morning), the packaging is super convenient and easy to use in the shower and it’s delivered to my door. It definitely has become my safe space for my scalp when it comes to keeping it calm and manageable which means when I need to give my hair a more intensive treatment like Olaplex or Kerastase, I’m able to care for my scalp in the process. Honestly I love it and its absolutely worth the hype.
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The girls in the office practically shouted La Mer at me when we were discussing The October Essentials Edit list, after they watched my husband and I fight over the smallest tub of the original Cream in the kitchen the other morning. Ali has used the original Moisturising Cream for years and I buy him a big tub every Christmas to tide him over but with my skin being so dry at the moment I’ve been craving it’s rich, nourishing hydration more and more. So when the small pot arrived ADDRESSED TO ME naturally I wanted to keep hold of it but my husband had other ideas, we settled on sharing the tiny pot of La Mer between us but I have a funny feeling someone will be getting his Christmas present a bit earlier this year.

It’s definitely a product I find myself using more throughout the colder months when my skin needs extra hydration from the effects of the cold weather outside, teamed with keeping my house as warm as the surface of the sun, naturally my skin drinks it up. I love putting an extra thick layer on over night and waking up to the ultimate glow.

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How is it possible for one beauty brand to have so many stunning fragrances but Aerin hits the mark with every new addition to the collection and Ambrette De Noir is no different, in fact it’s by far my most favourite fragrance they have launched since Amber Musk. It’s a little bit smokey and deep but still feminine and dare I say it, sexy. It’s perfect for date evenings in front of the fire with a bottle of wine and a cheese board as well as evenings out with friends. It’s one of those fragrances that seems to get better the more worn it gets into the evening and it’s such a treat when I pull out my faux fur coat a few weeks later with the Ambrette De Noir fragrance still present on the collar. It is stunning!

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Some of you may know I’m currently being treated for stress induced Acne that gradually got worse and worse since we went in to lockdown and it’s safe to say I wouldn’t have made it as long as I did without treatment if it wasn’t for the NARS soft matte concealer in shade Custard. I’ve never had a concealer quite like it, it acts like an eraser for any blemishes and for me the tone of the shades blend perfectly in to my natural skin so whether I’m full foundation faced or just touching up my bare skin this concealer is BY FAR one of the best specifically for acne coverage on the market.

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Having used Kerastase products since I was little I was quite shocked that I’d never tried the resistance mask until last year but it’s fast become an essential part of my hair care routine as I nurse my hair back to heath following a little too much processing. But I certainly don’t just save it for times of need, I also use it as a maintainence treatment for the condition of my hair at the very least once a month and that is something I do religiously. The resistance mask is like a meal for your hair and whenever I use it my hair instantly feels fuller and stronger. However I would say to be careful on finer hair as it can be quite a heavy product, but for me, its my essential hair treatment!
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Have you tried any of the products above and what did you think? Are there any products you swear by that I must try?



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