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6th March 2012 Outfits

The Lost Girl

 Dress – C/O INLOVEWITHFASHION    Jacket – H&M    Sunglasses – H&M    All Jewellery – H&M     Bag – River Island    Shoes – Melody

I owe one big Sorry to Inga from In Love With Fashion, she ever so kindly sent me this beautiful dress weeks ago and I am only posting it now, I just wanted to be able to do it on a nice sunny day and I swear I’ve been here there and everywhere these past few weeks so getting myself, this dress and my camera all in the same place took effort, without worrying if the weather is perfect! 
Its just this dress seems to hold my perception of Spring 2012 within its print and silhouette, the mint background and ornate flowers printed onto a LONG sleeve wrap dress says it all, because it still ain’t all that warm in the good ol’ English Spring.
I also lost my favourite H&M sunglasses this morning so I headed into town to find a replacement, and stumbled upon these for £3.99 in H&M once again however when I actually bothered to look in my handbag properly i.e. tipping out all the wrappers and receipts I did actually find my lovely Ozzy Osborne ones again, so now I have two pretty pairs, Yey me!
Now on a completely different note I have to confess I’m a bit of an obsessive compulsive when it comes to bed time, no matter what time or where I am…I cannot sleep without reading the Daily Mail app on my iPhone before bed, but last night I opened it up, Scrolled down a few stories and BAM, there she is, Nicola Claire . 
Turns out she’s picked a fight with Tesco’s over use of her Pictures, good on you gurrrl! And if she wins, Imma team up with her in regards to my plan for world dominiation. Mwahahaha!

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