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31st October 2012 Outfits

The Lady Is A Vamp

Givenchy Satin Trimmed High Neck Dress
Givenchy Quilted Leather Clutch Bag
MCQ Buckle Detail Ankle Boots
IRO Natasha Wool Leather Jacket

As a kid, Halloween was always one of my favourite times of the year. It gave us little terrors the opportunity to unleash hell upon our neighborhoods until ungodly hours of the night (so about 8:30pm in my house hold).

At almost 25 (that really is frightening) however, Halloween takes on a some-what different meaning….well actually it doesn’t aside from the fact that its just another excuse to pop open a bottle of wine on a school night with the girls, laugh until my stomach hurts and not feel guilty about it.
That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the whole dressing up aspect, although letting it take a more grown up spin perhaps from one of the stunning seasons trend on – The Lady Is A Vamp.
I feel all Bella Swan just looking at it *swoon*.

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