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9th November 2012 Outfits

The Free Thinking Fashionista

Jumper – C/O OH MY LOVE    Skirt – C/O LASHES OF LONDON    Shoes – Jefferey Campbell    Bag – Mulberry

There’s lots to get through in this post due to a busy week on my end so apologies if its a tad on the text heavy side, lets see how we go eh?

I received this statement 3D rose jumper from OH MY LOVE about a week back and the versatility of it just keeps impressing me, over skirts and disco pants this jumper is pretty much my only choice right now I love the way it effortlessly falls to be worn off the shoulder. And don’t even get me started on that colour *dribble*!!

Now to answer the few questions I offered to answer in my last post so here goes and true to form we kick of with a fabulous Anonymous question:

1. Anonymous
why a crooks & castles knockoff and not the real thing?

Good question Anonymous, I do hope you have put this same question to all the bloggers out there wearing Jeffrey Campbell and god-knows-what-else knockoff’s, I mean how dare they, right?
I actually just stumbled across this jumper from a seller on Ebay completely unaware that it was even a brand, I do apologies because us bloggers should know every brand in existence. However, now that I have found the real deal as I am not satisfied with the quality of my knockoff (I hang my head in shame just writing that word) I may look to purchase the genuine article. I hope you can sleep at night now. Thanks for your question.

2. Steph Longstaff
I have a question! What tan do you use- or do you just have a naturally gorgeous skintone? haha. I bought this jumper myself last week. I’m becoming you’re clone xx
Hi Steph, I don’t use fake tan I don’t have the patience for it although I’m sure I will regret this at some point. I do have Olive skin due to being Italian but I must admit I suffered not being in Ibiza this summer, so I may have possibly….OK most certainly hammered the sunbeds between my two holidays this summer. does not endorse sunbed hammering in any shape or form 😛

3. Danielle Graham
Hi! love love LOVE your blog! I’m a third year fashion communication student and have been putting off setting up a blog for ages but tutors are always telling us too…do you think your blog has helped your career in fashion? and how did you go about getting followers? I’m scared I’ll start one and just be talking to myself! ha would love any advice! thanks xxx

Hi Danielle, Thanks I’m so glad you like my blog and good luck with third year, it almost destroyed me ha-ha!
As far as my blog helping me get a job, initially…No it didn’t, i was applying for jobs left right and center and I couldn’t even get a response. However in regards to where I am right now yes it did help. I was the Manager of the UCLA store in Watford town center and was lucky enough to meet the owner of the officially licensed brand one day and he had heard about my blog, logged onto it and was impressed, that teamed with some balls that i found somewhere to nab his e-mail address and send him a direct message asking him to give me a job at head office, even if it was just making the coffee. I am now the Social Media & eCommerce Manager for the brand and in my interview I showcased to the Owner my blog and all that I had achieved with it. So my blog did effectively get me this job.
As far as getting followers, and I have been asked this many times I guess the generic answer is good styling, photographs and content. however being active on social media platforms and places such as always help because its easy to think “well i’m here, i’m blogging, why aren’t people following?” but the truth is its a big old blogosphere out there and no body knows you’re there!
If I’m perfectly honest I think everyone starts out by feeling like they are talking to themselves but that’s basically the story of my life anyway so I didn’t mind.

4. Anonymous
What career did You have in Ibiza? xxx
Wow, where do I begin? Well my first year in Ibiza i believe it was 2008 and I worked as a barmaid in Plastik with a little bit of promotional modelling here and there.
In 2009 I worked for Taboo Lap dancing club selling laughing gas and earning an absolute MINT along side working for the Night SWANKYS @ Boho. I met my then boyfriend that year who also worked at Taboo. We then went back in 2010 and I worked back at Taboo for the first half of the summer however laughing gas was then made illegal I was then asked to work for Eden Megaclub as one of their Parade girls which was by far the best job ever I basically got dressed up in fancy costumes and got drunk with an amazing group of girls and we were all really good friends, basically we were paid to party. I then did this again in 2011 although I was effectively assistant manager, i.e. when the boss had a heavy night and couldn’t come to work I took charge, in this year I also modeled for Ibiza Faces and Deva Models on jobs for the likes of HedKandi and Nike and also  worked as a sales assistant in the Ibiza Rocks shop at the hotel. I went home with a fair bit of wedge that year.

and in closing I can now announce the winner of my LOVELYSALLY giveaway 

I will be in touch Kirsty congratulations!!

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