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10th February 2015 Outfits

The fine line between Legging and Jean

Freddys_1_eFreddys_1_jFreddys_1_hFreddys_1_aFreddys_1_d Freddys_1_kFreddys_1_c Freddys_1_bFreddys_1_fFreddys_1_iThere was a time when I didn’t own a pair of jeans (don’t believe me? read back a few years on this old blog and you will find it mentioned a few thousand times) I don’t know why but I just hated them…OK so when I say “I don’t know why” what I really mean is, I think it might have something to do with that time I ate a few too many plates of pasta and couldn’t fit into the pairs I had anymore. So naturally I blamed the jeans and threw them all out!

Obviously it didn’t take me long to realise I needed to get down the gym and soon enough I was ready to add them back in to the daily wardrobe rotation.  But in all seriousness, they won’t ever be as comfortable as walking around in a pair of spandex leggings. Sometimes I feel so free I have to double check that I’m actually not!

I’ve tried a hand full of “jegging” options, goodness isn’t that an annoying word. But found they all lacked support for those jiggly bits (I don’t care what you say, we ALL have bits that jiggle more than others so don’t roll your eyes at me) and that really is an important part of the jean/legging mix. In my opinion anyway.

I’d spotted these Jeans from Freddy adorning some of the best behinds in the business all over my Instagram feed so I was pretty happy to be able to try them out on my own little tush. I had hoped I’d slip them on and instantly be met with a Jen Selter-esqu derriere staring back at me, unfortunately if no amount of squats can help me a pair of jeans certainly wont. They did however make the best of a bad/flat situation, making my bum look much perkier than usual. But the main appeal for me was the sheer comfort and support they offer without compromising on the usual style traits expected from a pair of jeans. Oh and one more added bonus, NO MORE BUILDERS BUM! These jeans have a special silicone strip on the waste band to ensure you won’t ever be spotted yanking them awkwardly up in Public.

These jeans are a complete hit in my opinion but I do have one concern and it just boils down to just how comfortable they are. And that their waste band might not tell me when I’ve indulged in too many chocolate cookies like my usual jeans do.



Jeans – c/o Freddy     Jumper – Reiss (Here or Here)      Jacket – Whistles (now on sale)     Shoes – c/o Reiss     Sunglasses – Gucci     bag – Celine (similar Here)

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