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22th November 2021
Whatever the reason, I refused to leave my usual ethereal spring/summer style behind me and so the search for the perfect ethereal (and warm) autumn/winter dresses ensued.
I found myself reflecting about the autumn we just had. It was so wonderful to see Fashion Month take over our social media feeds again after its absence due to the pandemic. It felt like a real moment of moving forward and putting it all behind us. Dior, Giambattista Valli and Erdem’s designs filled my social media feed with inspiration which in turn had me scouring my favourite online stores and brands for similar pieces to add to my own wardrobe.
I’m a bit of a creature of habit and whenever Spring comes around I tend to dust off my beautiful dresses in preparation for the warmer months, the lighter fabrics, the lack of tights and the all round elegance they bring perfectly suits the season however, this years transition into autumn-winter felt a bit different for me. Where I usually find myself reaching for more tailored silhouettes as a rule, I’m in search of the perfect autumn/winter dress selection. Perhaps because I feel slightly deprived of all the wonderful opportunities to wear said dresses we’ve had over the last 18 months! Whatever the reason, I refused to leave my usual ethereal spring/summer style behind me and so the search for the perfect ethereal (and warm) autumn/winter dresses ensued.

Pointers for Ethereal Dresses

A few key factors which I look for when scouting the perfect A/W dress are as follows. I’ve divided it up into Style & Cut, as well as Fabrics & Prints:

Style & Cut

This is a backbone of your ethereal dress, it’s what brings that certain je ne sais quoi that is what the ethereal dress is all about!

Voluminous Sleeves

The easiest for adding layers discreetly but always great when paired with nipped in waists and full skirts for beautiful silhouettes.

High Necks

Again perfect for adding layers discreetly and always the most elegant. I like to think about the women wore first wore these styles and how magnificent they looked.

Long Sleeves and Beautiful Cuffs

The practical girl in me! I get cold so easily (queue thermals!) and this is the best for warmth whilst also incorporating design details.


The perfect happy medium when dealing with erratic weather as maxi lengths and rain are a recipe for disaster. Nothing will ruin my day more than being cold and wet.

Waistbelts and Bows

I never like to feel too oversized in a dress so a cinched in waist is always a great way to counter that. Instant beautiful feminine curves!

Fabrics & Prints

Ouuu don’t get me started on Fabrics & Prints – we could be here all day! Nothing quite moves me as much as a weighted fabric and print in the autumn and winter. Here are the main things I look for :

Seasonal Prints

I tend to stay away from white based dresses or anything with too much vibrant colour rather opting for muted, warmer tones.

Well-Lined Heavier Fabrics

Did I mention I hate the cold? This is a sure-fire way to keep the warmth firmly in.

Covered Buttons

This might not be something that you necessarily look for, but after having designed my collections, I have to say that this is a key elegant design detail. Really adds so much to the look.

Beautiful Prints

I’m always drawn to botanical or toile du jour style prints. I’m loving how prints have really made a comeback, it adds so much personality to the outfit.

Below I’ve compiled some of the most beautiful and practical pieces to bring a little ethereal elegance to your A/W wardrobe too.

Kitchen Essentials

Is there a style that you are absolutely lusting after this season? Something you’ve been seeing on the runways that you want to learn more about? Drop it in the comments below so I can potentially write about it next!

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  • Martina
    23rd November 2021 at 1:33 pm

    Hi Lydia! I love this edit, I’m on the market for this kind of dresses, but less pricey. Can you please mention some brands where I can buy this dresses? Have a wonderful week!

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