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7th June 2014 Outfits

The Boux Avenue Experience

Now it’s no secret that I have had some help in the lady-lump department, so lingerie shopping should be fun right? Well as soon as the bandages were off, I made my way down the high street in search of an entirely new underwear drawer only to discover that my size was in actual fact, the gold dust of the underwear department. If I found something I liked, I was lucky if it was even made in my size, so it wasn’t long before I gave up settling on a wide array of white, black and nude basic bra’s and leaving in the biggest sulk of my life.
So when I was invited down to the Boux Avenue, Watford store to have a look around and experience their VIP measuring service. I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much and I was certain they were completely unaware of what they had let themselves in for.
Upon arrival I was struck instantly by the glossy Boux Avenue branded floor and exceptionally dressed window displays, not like anything from my previous experiences. I was greeted by the lovely Claire, who was going to be measuring me and helping me select my free gift. As we navigated our way through the store and the deeper we went, the more apparent it became that I had been completely wrong in my pre-judgement. The store decor made me feel like I had stepped across the pond, right into the full glamour of a french boudoir, exactly how lingerie shopping should be.
Once in the exceptionally decorated fitting rooms complete with crystal accents, plush carpets and a fully functioning “Concierge” intercom, Claire told be from the word go that I was wearing a bra that was 3 cup sizes too small. I didn’t believe her, there was no way I was that big. But sure enough as she pointed out the fundamentals of perfectly fitting cups, I was failing on all accounts.
It took me a moment but once I was over the joy of my new size, I hit the shop floor to select a little something special, settling on monochrome (of course) Tamara bra set of lace and satin that I have actually worn already, leaving me well aware of just how ill fitting my old bra’s were. Which means there really is only one thing left to do…head back to Boux Avenue, buy myself 1 of everything in my size, maybe some of their incredible nightwear too and then ignore the fact that I won’t be able to eat for the rest of the month.

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