the beauty staples on my dressing room table right now…

17th August 2023
I thought it was about time I shared these with you...

Getting to try and share so many beautiful products is part of my job that I never take for granted. With that in mind, now that Evergreen has officially been handed in (!) I thought it was about time I did a comprehensive breakdown of the beauty staples on my dressing room table right now.

From the shower gel and body oil that I’m currently swooning over to my everyday lip balms and perfume I’m reaching for as the seasons gear up to change, you’ll find the best of the best below.

PS. I’ll do a separate post for the contents in my make-up bag in the coming weeks!

The body oil

It’s weird, in the past I’ve avoided using body oils as moisturisers as I always end up feeling greasy, not moisturised! That being said, this body oil from Patisserie is the exception and leaves my skin feeling nourished and smooth. It’s heavily scented too so adds an additional layer of fragrance.



The perfume

At this time of year, when the height of summer has been and gone but it feels too soon to lean into autumn, ‘Rose De Grasse’ from Aerin steps in and bridges the seasons with ease. It feels fresh and classic (not ‘granny rose!’) and would work year round.


The suncream

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present the Aston Martin of sun creams right here! I’ve been a Lancaster customer since I was little. They’ve blended luxurious formulas with ultimate performance perfectly. It smells heavenly too.


The shower gel

I always get so excited about using this shower gel when I’m at Soho Farmhouse so decided to take the plunge and bring that happiness home with me. (A welcomed treat given that I usually use Sanex’s sensitive shower gel!) So far, zero regrets. It’s the perfect way to start my day.


The hand and nail oil

You can use this nourishing oil all over but I’m mainly using it on my cuticles and nails right now. Designed to take you on a sensory journey to Brazil with its all-natural ingredients, it’s uplifting, fast-absorbing and gets to work immediately on restoring my hands! 



The shampoo and conditioner

I’ve got my whole team addicted to Hairburst these days because their products really do work. I’m currently using their curly shampoo and conditioner and it’s bringing out my natural waves. It also happens to be the only shampoo and conditioner brand that’s never irritated my scalp or left me feeling flakey. Zero itch. Lots of volume! What’s not to love?


The hair treatments

Ever since I had my hair cut with Michael Van Clarke, I’ve been using the 3 inches pre-wash treatment before shampooing and conditioning my hair and following up with the 3 inches leave-in conditioner. I spoke about it in a recent video but I’ve not felt this good about my hair in a long time. If you’re looking for products that nourish, naturally strengthen and thicken your hair, look no further. I’ve been converted.



The cleanser

I was gifted a travel size sample of this cleanser and fell head over heels in love with it. It gently exfoliates, leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry. You need a minuscule amount so it lasts for ages too.


The micellar water

This stuff is amazing. I use it on pads after cleansing to remove the final mascara residue from my eyes and it’s so gentle and soothing on the skin. A little goes a long way. 



The All-Over Cream

You didn’t think I’d leave this out did you?! My go-to for dry skin, for the past goodness knows how long! My eyes always react badly to eyeshadow so after wearing it a few days ago, I’ve been using this on my eyelids to soothe the flare up. It’s an all rounder though so I always make sure that I have a tube nearby.


The lip balms

The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour is my ‘everyday nourishment’ choice of lip balm as it’s gentle, moisturising and keeps chapped lips at bay. I use By Terry’s Baume De Rose when I’m in need of a lip balm to wear over lip liner though. Like the former, it’s extremely nourishing but has the added bonus of keeping lip make up in place.




The face moisturiser

I love how this feels on my skin each morning. It instantly hydrates my skin, visibly helps to smooth fine lines and has provided a welcomed sense of plumpness to my skin. Just remember to add a layer of SPF as the last layer of your skincare when using as retinol increases skin cells’ vulnerability in the sun. When used correctly, it’s the perfect face moisturiser.


The bespoke skincare

There’s no denying that Skin + Me works. Like Hairburst, I’ve converted so many friends to their incredible skincare because its tailor made to suit our individual needs… and works. Use LYDIAEM to get your first Daily Doser for £4.99 – you can thank me later…! I’m currently using their serum and moisturiser before bed. 



The candle

And finally, right now, this rose candle from Holland Cooper is sitting pretty on my dressing room table too! Not a beauty product but it sure looks pretty! It smells like a calming, English Rose garden too.


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