team lem june 2021 favourites

30th June 2021
Team LEM reveal their own favourite finds this month...

We’re taking over – Team LEM here! Hi everyone!

We thought it was about time that we introduced ourselves and figured, if your skin/ hair/ interests may align with some of ours, then perhaps we can help you find some new favourites too. Each month, we will aim to bring you our favourite item in a variety of categories, from new dining experiences to ‘game changing’ purchases, you’ll have each of our heroes right here, so be sure to check back next month too!

So, without further ado, here’s a little more about us!

Carrie – The Bossy but Brilliant One

Official best friend and Chief Operating Officer at LEM. I like to think that I’m the glue that keeps this business together, but I’m also quite an expert at drinking alcoholic grape juice and herding small, energetic dogs.

The Basics

SKIN TYPE – Normal to dry, prone to sensitivity with weather changes or hormonal fluctuations.

HAIR TYPE – Half wavy, half curly, fine but lots and lots of it.

MAINTENANCE LEVEL – Minimal effort always!

INTERESTS – Food and wine, cooking, my little Bolly Moo, running, hiking, travelling (soon please, Boris!), date days with my friends, staycations.

The Details

BEAUTY – La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 50. I wear it daily but it’s been an absolute star given how much sunshine we have (wonderfully) had in the UK this month.

BOOK – Walking the Himalayas – Levison Wood. My heart belongs in the outdoors and open spaces, without being able to travel, reliving past adventure memories through books of people who have visited the same places helps to reignite the memory and help me remember those incredibly special places.

RESTAURANT – Paris House, Woburn. Incredible food from Phil Fanning and his team, and a sommelier who isn’t pretentious to boot- double win.

FOOD OR DRINK ITEM – The last of the seasonal asparagus, urgh, it’s just so darn good. I love to blanche it and then sear it in the griddle with garlic, then toss through crumbled feta, fresh mint and broad beans. Summer on a plate.

NEW PURCHASE – Sage Barista Pro Bean to Cup Espresso Machine. Coffee is something I refer to as liquid gold and must be taken seriously. Always.

GAME CHANGING FIND – Jamie Oliver non stick bakeware. A LOAF TIN THAT ACTUALLY DOESN’T STICK! At last!! My Sunday morning loaves now release with a sigh of relief rather than a battle with a carving knife…

PODCAST EPISODE – You’re Wrong About – Cancel Culture. Everyone should hear this. While mainly tailored to twitter culture and mainstream journalism, this explores how society now feels they have the right to ruin individuals for past mistakes, or, more importantly, for unsubstantiated claims about someone and the effect it has. In this industry it’s all to prevalent, and something needs to change.


RECIPE – I adapted a Gluten Free Orange Cake recipe from one of the Great British Bake Off books, into a Grapefruit and Almond version. It was incredible. My neighbour has also been dishing out a glut of her home grown rhubarb so Anna Jones’ Rhubarb and Ginger Cookies have been knocked up multiple times this month!

Dee – The Lovely Organised One

I am the Personal Assistant to Lydia Millen herself, and if something needs to get done, I’m your girl! Always in CC, I am the eyes and ears of the LEM team – nothing gets by me.

The Basics

SKIN TYPE – Healthy/Fair but tans easily.

HAIR TYPE – Long, thin and fine hair, can be fly-away depending on the weather. Easy to maintain and grows really quickly.

MAINTENANCE LEVEL – Weekdays/basic, Weekends/I go all out!

INTERESTS – Renovating my Victorian home, going to the coast whenever possible, up-cycling furniture, dinners with friends, lots and lots of family time.

The Details

BEAUTY – Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream SPF 30 – For me it does everything, it’s a 24-hour daily moisturiser with SPF 30 that smoothes and hydrates my skin. I’m a big fan of Kiehl’s because my skin never feels dry. It also has a lovely thick creamy texture and feels luxurious but it’s actually reasonably priced.

BOOK – This Time Next Year – Sophie Cousins

This is a great book, I was hoping it would give me some joy during lockdown and I actually couldn’t put it down and ended up reading it in one weekend. If you love romcoms with heart and depth then this book is for you. The story is about fate and how it brings together Minnie and Quinn every New Years Eve. The author definitely had a little Marian Keyes about her and I felt she came up with a truly likeable character that gave me lots of laugh out loud moments. If you like Bridget Jones then I think you will like this! I know I will be waiting for Sophie Cousins next book which is out in the summer.

RESTAURANT – Al Boccon Di’ vino, which has the best Italian food in Richmond ! The menu is premeditated the night of and you don’t choose what you’re going to eat… but don’t let that stop you because it’s always always delicious.

FOOD OR DRINK ITEM – Pizza! A friend brought me “Where to Eat Pizza by Daniel Young” and I’ve made it my mission to go to all the best pizza restaurants where ever I travel.  I also recently got a Ooni Pizza Oven, so needless to say I eat a lot of homemade pizza.

NEW PURCHASE – It was a bit of a splurge for me but I invested in the GHD Helios Professional hair dryer, it’s great for fighting frizz. I find it super powerful and it drys my hair in a matter of minutes, in my opinion it’s worth every penny. It also looks pretty!

GAME CHANGING FIND – Lakeland Wine No More! Red Wine Stain Remover. I panic brought this recently and believe me when I say its a miracle worker.

PODCAST EPISODE – I’m very late to the party and don’t listen to podcasts but it’s something I want to start doing. I have a young family and I find time runs away from me but Carrie and Lydia have recommended some good ones to get me started. I will keep you posted.

MONTHLY MANTRA – Expect nothing, appreciate everything!

RECIPE – This weekend I made Arancini balls for the first time. I made Sicilian cheese-filled Arancini balls, I found the recipe here. It was a labour of love but my family very much enjoyed them.

Erika – The Financially Savvy Queen

Show me the money, honey! Well actually, show me the spreadsheet with your revenue and expenses, because I’m the finance whizz at LEM and I like to make sure we are on track in terms of numbers. I’m more fun than I sound, I swear.

The Basics

SKIN TYPE – Very fair (reflective), burns easily but can get a light tan.

HAIR TYPE – Long, thick, frizzy and wavy (Irish heritage). Naturally light brown/dark blonde but dyed fiery copper red. Not always brushed.

MAINTENANCE LEVEL – Usually very low maintenance, no makeup and jeans kind of girl. But I love to bust out the gold sparkles and a bright red lip for a night out.

INTERESTS – I’m learning to cook and absolutely loving it; painting is something I’ve enjoyed for several years and don’t do nearly enough of. I’ve loved reading since I was three years old and this year I’m planning to learn photography.

The Details

BEAUTY – Bareminerals Skinlongevity Long Life Herb Eye Treatment. A beautiful, slightly rich eye cream that isn’t sticky or greasy, soaks in well and leaves the skin around my eyes feeling cool and refreshed straight after use. An essential for keeping my skin soft, supple and reducing those pesky dark circles.

BOOK – The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. Recommended to me by my sister-in-law, and inspired by the real Petronella Oortmann’s dollhouse in Amsterdam, this book is set in the 17th century and is an incredible tale of the tragedies suffered by minorities in times past. Not the kind of book I usually read but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

RESTAURANT – The Tramshed Project, Shoreditch. The best burger I’ve had in as long as I can remember (bone-marrow beef) and the wild bream was also exquisite. Well worth a trip if you are in the Shoreditch area. They also serve cocktails – what’s not to love?

NEW PURCHASE – Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask (Almond Blossom). This has helped my sleep routine no end during the longer summer days and the silk is also great for my skin.

GAME CHANGING FIND – Russell Hobbs Desire 3-in-1 Hand Blender. I bought this when I started my nutrition plan and it’s honestly the best £30 I’ve ever spent. I’m NEVER chopping an onion again!!!

PODCAST EPISODE – The High Low > Why Mental Health Is Nothing To Do With Wellness, with Bella Mackie. She opens up about her own struggles with mental health, how running helped and continues to help her, and how to be kind to yourself. Invaluable listening.

MONTHLY MANTRA – Everything I need, I have. Everything I have, I need.

RECIPE – Spicy Prawn Amatriciana

What products do you swear by that you think the LEM girls need to try? Let me know in the comments! And come back next month for more team favourites.

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  • Tommy
    20th November 2021 at 5:19 pm

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    27th September 2021 at 1:28 am

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  • kt
    18th September 2021 at 8:38 pm

    this is affecting all worker worldwide, and in the uk
    they mention a huge reveal
    ????????????????????????for all the team??????????????????
    much love to you all????????????
    watch Lyd and friends

  • Veronica
    2nd July 2021 at 9:03 pm

    I love that you have introduced us to the LEM team. No question your growth and continued success relies on having a team who believes in Lydia Elise Millen as a person and also as a brand. Congratulations on finding a group of dynamic, professional, and interesting women to support you and the LEM business. Much love an happiness to you all.

  • Adèle
    1st July 2021 at 1:32 pm

    Hello Lovely Ladies! Nice to get to know you a little more. Such a great post – I love the sound of the asparagus recipe Carrie.
    Beauty wise I recommend Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing Balm – melts into the skin, it’s gentle yet removes all makeup. My face always feels very clean & fresh after using.
    Looking forward to more of these posts.
    Warmest wishes Adèle x

  • Sue
    1st July 2021 at 12:56 pm

    super happy to read this one! Lydia, you have a fantastic team to nurture your passion. Kudos!

  • Vanessa
    30th June 2021 at 7:55 pm

    This was such a fun blog! Thanks for sharing more about yourselves at LEM. ??

  • Tasha
    30th June 2021 at 6:46 pm

    Love this! Great hearing from the women who help run LEM, fab post guys!

  • Trisha
    30th June 2021 at 3:51 pm

    I love this! It’s such a fun way to get to know the LEM Team!

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