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5th February 2016 Beauty

Tattooed Eyebrows | Truth, Lies & the things you need to know

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis time last year I made a big decision. Well a big decision for me that is. I decided to get a tattoo but this wasn’t going just anywhere, I was going to get this on my face!

When my friend Kerry told me she was going to become a Semi Permanent make-up artist I had visions of harsh block brows and tadpoles. Little did I know she would go on to become one of the best in the business, achieving feather light hair strokes that blend seamlessly with your own. As soon as I saw her portfolio I booked myself in for appointment one of the two part treatment and from that moment many of you wanted to know more.

[lem_title]Shape & Shade[/lem_title]

The most fundamental part of the brow tattooing process is the shape and colour. It needs to compliment your natural shape as well as your face shape and complexion, your therapist should ensure both factors are perfect.

Getting the correct shade tends to be the easy part where as getting the shape right is where all the appointment time goes and it is important to remember the age old saying

“Eyebrows are sisters & not Twins.”

it is unlikely the other brow will be the mirror image of the other but neither is your face so that really is a given, however, and I speak from experience here, your eyes will lie to you. I spent the best part of 45 minutes getting Kerry to correct something I saw as wonky in the mirror, but when she took a picture they were in actual fact, perfect. What you see looking in the mirror is quite different to how they look to the outside world and in my honest opinion I’d hate to think people were looking at my wonky brows just so I could see them for what I thought was perfect.

Once the outline has been pencilled in, which I must admit is very scary as it looks very bold and harsh, your Therapist will begin the art of creating hair strokes which merge with your natural brows.

These hair strokes will look quite bold to begin with but within 2 weeks they will fade out to a perfect natural shade.


[lem_title]Does it hurt?[/lem_title]

Is it painful is one of the most common questions and I guess rightly so, you are, after all getting a tattoo on your face. And the truth is, it might do a little, but Kerry applies a layer of numbing cream to begin with, then does a small amount of tattooing to break the skin and then applies another to ensure it goes as deep into the skin to prevent as much pain as possible. But I’m not going to tell you that you don’t feel a thing as everyone is different and everyone’s pain thresh hold is different and you are reading the blog of the girl who thoroughly enjoyed her post op experience following cosmetic surgery.


[lem_title]Are They Permanent?[/lem_title]

The real answer to this is both Yes & No. As mentioned previously everyone is different and some skin reacts differently to others. Some can be left with a small trace of the tattoo and others can lose all pigment completely. Sometimes your skin will reject pigment in areas and only for it to return later on. It’s very odd but is most definitely normal for this to happen. I treat my tattooed brows as the general shape, and seeing as I had been drawing in my left brow 3mm higher than the other, this is very welcomed, and then depending on how I feel I either add some volume or simply leave au naturale.


[lem_title]Brow Fashions[/lem_title]

Whether you love a perfectly plucked fine brow or a Cara Delavigne power brow, a good Therapist won’t be following trends. Instead they will be following your natural brow and face shape to create a style that compliments you. Fashion evolves so quickly especially when it comes to brow trends and you don’t want to be stuck with something so fleeting. These are the aspects that can be added to your brows with the amazing products currently on the market but a good Therapist will always go with whats natural.


[lem_title]Black Brows[/lem_title]

I asked Kerry what the most common questions she’s asked are and

“Will I have black brows?”

is definitely up there. Unfortunately as with every industry there are the good, the bad and the disastrous and the reason brow tattooing is so scary, is because of the latter two. We’ve all seen some bad workmanship at some point when it comes to eyebrows and we don’t want to end up in the same boat so it’s important to thoroughly asses the Therapist’s work, you intend to book in with and ensure you are happy with them to do your treatment.


These brows are going to be on your face for a long time so it is important that YOU communicate what it is that you want effectively before hand to ensure you receive the eyebrows that you want. If you aren’t happy with the outlined shape then you have to vocalise this and work together to create the shape you are both happy with. Kerry was extremely Patient and understanding with me throughout the entire process and I left a very happy bunny with a cracking pair  of brows.


Some questions to ask yourself before going under the needle;

Is she Qualified?

Does she come across as professional?

Did she perform or supply you with a patch test?

Is her treatment room/Salon clean and sterile?

Are you happy with her portfolio?

Are you comfortable communicating openly with your therapist?


[lem_title]CONTACT KERRY EMMA COSMETICS[/lem_title]

View Kerry Emma’s Portfolio Here.



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