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5th August 2015 Outfits

Style Confessional

LG2 LG5 LG1 LG4 LG6 LG4 LG3One of the things I find most enjoyable about personal style has always been hidden gems, when I was flat broke at University I would rummage for hours through the clearance rail in Tkmaxx or walk for miles to a hidden charity shop to spend hours finding items that I could customise to fit my personality. It’s never been about head to toe designer outfits, as my grandma always said to me


“Anyone can buy designer, but they cannot buy style.” 



I’m far from the most on trend and stylish blogger in the batch but I know what I like when the seasons come around and if I can find a budget friendly alternative to the latest statement sleeve top or a totally unique wardrobe statement from the most random of places, I will do just that!

I really do enjoy when someone compliments me on an aspect of my outfit and it cost me next to nothing, or I nabbed it somewhere entirely random and unexpected. Sure, I have a profound love of expensive shoes and bags but if I can get away with spending a fraction of the price I will embrace it with arms wide open.  And there are so many great ways to buy savvy.



Shop Around the World

The wonder of the internet is it gives you the ability to shop the department stores and highstreets the world over with one click. So spend a little  time before you spend a lot of money because you never know what could be lurking behind the next ‘New In’ tab.


One mans trash…

There are so many websites popping up now a days giving people the opportunity to clear their wardrobes into the arms of fashion hungry consumers the world over so before you buy brand new you could nab something nearly new with a much more appealing price tag. I got my Balenciaga Mini City Bag brand new at 50% off whilst the exact same bag still sat in the new in section of N-a-P.

My fave is Ebay but there are many more like VC & depop.



One of the most common questions when I tell people I still buy designer items off ebay is “How do you know their real?” well I am a bit of a geek and thourally enjoy swatting up on the differences between counterfeit and authentic designer goods but a good place to start is asking for the original receipt for the product. Usually sellers are more than happy to provide this and if they aren’t I’m usually cautious. But if they do provide it there are also websites like which offer free, educated advice on the authenticity of products via the relevant forums.


This post was shot on the Canon 5D and the 50mm lens.

Shop The Post

Gilet – Lookagain     Blouse – Zara     Shorts – H&M     Shoes – Chloe (dupe here)    Bag – Mulberry    Watch – Vector    Sunglasses – Celine


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