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12th September 2013


All images via Tumblr
I have always maintained that a girl can never have too much stuff. Now that I’m 25 and saving for the future however, this isn’t really working for me. I’m always trying to find new ways for me to save pennies and increase that bank to savings account transfer each month. I’ve got my blog shop which helps me re-home my beloved items that don’t get the use they deserve but what about the attic full of clothes from my teens, the boxes of god knows what in the garage from University and do not get me started with whats currently residing under my bed.
Being realistic this stuff will more than likely stay where it is until I finally move at which time they would probably find themselves in a bin bag on their way to the nearest landfill. In this day and age I can’t afford that and I doubt the environment can either. Music Magpie have recently introduced a new way to sell your clothes for recycling via their website so now I can get rid of all of this stuff that I’ve collected over the years, from CD’s to my Hi-Tec trainers (Year 8  P.E. Oh the memories) and make a little extra cash in the process whether its for the future like myself or that “must-have” new Celine handbag. If any of you have any tips for saving I’d love to hear about them, gone are my days of spending half my wages on Louboutins and Louis…well for now anyway!

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