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2nd April 2012 Outfits

Staring back at me is someone else…

Leggings – C/O AX PARIS    Cross Necklace – C/O ROCK & ROSE    Bird Skull Necklace – C/O BAD PASSION    Rams Skull Ring – C/O CUTIE PIE    Ombre T-shirt – Zara   Hat, Rings, Cuff – H&M    Bag – Select    Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Finally, I’m back in Northampton and it’s bitter sweet as it only means one thing…it’s dissertation time.
I’ve got under 2 weeks till my birthday now and I WILL have it finished so that I can relax and get embarrassingly drunk and I may even tweet my drunkeness as I know how much you all find it amusing ha-ha!
This outfit is an unexpected one for two reasons, One being that I never thought I’d like these leggings that AX Paris sent me last week…well I don’t…I LOVE THEM. and Number two being that I had a little issue with AX Paris with advertising and it left me pretty disheartened, but the person responsible is now no longer there and the amazing Alex has done absolutely everything to restore my faith and love in the brand, and I am once again happy to be posting reviews for them. Woop wooop!
I picked up this cross necklace by Rock & Rose from the Motel Rocks event on Thursday and haven’t taken  it off since, I love how chunky and loooowwwng it is. However I don’t actually have any pictures from the event due to the fact that I was a nervous wreck and only managed a couple of instagram snaps on the old iPhone, but I had such a wonderful time and met some of my style crushes, ate macaroons (for the first time), drank wine and hid in the corner hahaha! 
Well done Selina, you did such an amazing job

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