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19th August 2015 Outfits

Spending Pays

Leather2 Leather1 Leather4 Leather6 Leather3 Leather7 Leather5With the latest Twitter scandal of the blogging community still simmering under the surface, I feel this post has been doing the same. Blogging has changed so much in a very short space of time that people everywhere are quitting their jobs to follow their dreams, and rightly so. I remember the day I handed in my notice, I replay it often and smile at how blissfully unaware I was.

Now everything is exciting, creative, inspirational and new. We are able to collaborate and build relations with brands that we have loved and been inspired by for years, we are able to create, beautiful and unique content along side some of the most creative minds in the industry, We. Set. Trends! But so many forget where it all started, gifts aren’t big enough, free enough or extravagant enough to satisfy some and we find ourself spiralling into greed.

I love so many of the products I have been lucky enough to have received over the years, so much so that I spent 2 years telling you about them for free, during the only free hours I had away from work. Obviously now that may have changed slightly and I am able to work along side brands to bring you the best content possible along side my most genuine review but still if I buy something that I love, you can be sure you will find me shouting about it somewhere (usually snapchat). If there’s something that I want, I buy it, it’s as simple as that. I don’t e-mail around asking for the PR’s contact details to see if I can nab it FOC. Where has this sense of entitlement come from? Some may disagree with me here but sometimes, more often than not, it pays far more to spend. Whereby some of my most amazing relationships came from brands who had absolutely no idea who I was until I bought and reviewed their product. It makes me sad when I see bloggers tweeting brands with broken items in the hope that they send replacements, or simply engaging with a brand purely in the hope that they get some thing from it.

I never thought I’d be the one to say it, but what happened to doing things from the heart?


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Leather Jacket – Laura Scott @ LookAgain     Dress – Zara     Shoes – Chloe     Sunglasses – Sendoptics     bag – Balenciaga     Watch – Vector


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