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21th August 2023
In no particular order...

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There’s something so unique about the attention, craft and care that goes into every aspect of a product bought from small businesses out there. With that said, one of the privileges that comes hand-in-hand with having a platform like mine is getting to bring those special, small businesses to your attention. As a business owner myself, I know full well how much it means when someone likes, shares or supports my work. With that in mind, from the clothing brands to trunk makers, ceramicists to pet shops, these are some of my favourite small business brands on Etsy right now…

The fashion brand

I recently discovered Linen Handmade Studio and instantly ordered this dress and the skirt featured in my shopping edit below. In no way, shape or form was I dissapointed with my order. They fit like a glove and are such stunning quality. I love that they send colour swatches with each order too so you can see their whole range for future purchases –  I will certainly be ordering more!




The ceramicists

As soon as I stumbled across Every Story Studio, I placed a bulk order and never looked back! From their speckled mugs and serving dishes, to their pinch pots and pasta bowls, everything of theirs that I own (outlined below) fills me with joy. 





The pet bowls

Not only do Whistle & Woof get my seal of approval, they get Porter, Berkeley and Lumi’s seal of approval too! If you’re looking for personalised dog bowls that are built to last and look stunning alongside countryside-inspired interiors, look no further. You won’t be disappointed.


The candles

One of my friends bought me some handprinted candlesticks for my birthday and I instantly fell in love! These are the closest I could find to the original. The attention to detail is absolutely exquisite and I can speak from personal experience when I say that they’re a beautiful gift to receive. 



The furniture

A smidge more niche, admittedly, but we ordered a few of these leather trunks as side tables around the home and I love them just as much today as I did back then. From nightstands to coffee tables, side tables to console bars, the company sell all sorts of beautiful furniture. They’re investment pieces, yes, but my goodness do I love them.


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