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20th July 2015 Outfits

Simply Smile

Zim7 Zim6 Zim3 Zim1 Zim8 Zim5 Zim4 Zim2The ability to smile is one of the most powerful possessions we own and I for one am guilty of not using it enough. In a matter of seconds one simple smile is able to transform a moment, a day and a life forever and yet for so long I refused to share mine here. I didn’t want you to see how one of my front teeth slightly slants or how I am certain my nose spreads across my face when I do accidentally allow a small one to escape.

The truth is, I was quite sad when I first started to write this blog and I feel like for a long time, I forgot how to smile from my heart. I realised that I needed to learn how to smile all over again and change had to start with the world I lived in. I had to remove the negativity which prevented me from smiling, no matter how close that negativity was to me. It simply had to go. I had to change my view of life. Life was no longer half empty nor half full. I wanted to live my life full to the brim, where there was so much happiness and love that sometimes small amounts could spill over the edges to others who too had forgotten how to smile.

Where I once struggled to get out of bed before 4pm, I now rise with the sun eager for a day full of love, happiness and positivity. All this change happened from that one choice, my entire existence changed from that one choice and in turn so many lives around me changed when I made that choice to simply smile more.


This post was shot on the Canon 5D MKiii with the 50mm Lens.

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