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29th July 2015 Outfits


MARANT2MARANT3 MARANT7 MARANT4 MARANT5 MARANT MARANT6Something many of you have picked up on recently is the positive outlook I have been sharing more and more here on my blog and the question that I frequently hear is “How?”. Obviously I can only speak from my own experiences, the dark places I have visited and the tough times I have endured but one day I woke up and decided that I wanted this life to be a good one. For me it really was that simple.

I didn’t want to dwell on the life I didn’t get anymore. I was surrounded by friends with wealthy parents who lived such lavish lives, for so long I felt envy. It wasn’t until I realised that now was my time to make that life for myself and whilst I couldn’t be further from wealthily, I am fulfilled and excited every day so much so that I don’t feel discouraged by the mountains I’ll need to climb in order to achieve that life.

But the main change came from where I found happiness, Happiness now came from simply waking up in the morning, living and breathing. That was all I expected. When you remove all your expectations from life and go back to just being grateful to be alive, you’re life will be rocked so often by the selfless acts of kindless that happen so much more than we realise, from the smell of Summer on the first of June or the sound of your favourite song from 10 years ago playing loudly on the radio.


I find happiness in all these tiny places.


This post was shot on the Canon 5D MKiii and the 50mm lens.

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