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31th July 2019

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Opening up my make up bag on the hottest day of the year, which actually turned out to almost break the record for the hottest day of all time here in the UK, I realised how drastically different my make up bag is from Winter to Summer because if I’m being brutally honest, the foundation I wear in the Winter never looks the same as it does in Summer thus meaning everything needs adapting accordingly. Lighter bases and injections of luminosity fill where once lived full coverages and matte finishes and it really does feel like its all stripped back to the bare minimum which is always my favourite kind of beauty look.


For this little beauty shoot that we shot in my bedroom one roasting hot afternoon I mixed my two favourite base products of the moment, the iconic By Terry CC Serum is Sunny Flash which OG’s will know is my everyday face essential come rain or shine, make up or no make up, a pump of this magical stuff elevates and enhances your natural complexion beautifully. But the most beautiful base of the Summer and my every-day-go-to-don’t-feel-like-I-glow-without-it has to be the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Illumating Shade Natural radiance, I mean the name is a bit of a giveaway isn’t it? But these two paired together with a little concealer where needed, for this look I used the NARS Soft Matte concealer in shade “Vanilla” under the eyes with the Armani Power Fabric Concealer wherever I needed a little extra coverage, creates the dreamy Summer skin we’ve been urning for. For extra Juicy skin, a spritz of the Odacite Rose & Neroli face mist to finish the base.

The bronzer I used was the By Terry CC powder in shade Sunny Flash and then I used Apricot Glow to set any of the areas that were a bit over juicy because remember, we’re going for glowy not sweaty! These two powders together are my holy grail, my Instagram beauty filter in a compact and I carry Apricot glow with me at all times for any powder touch ups, Its the perfect finisher for an illuminated base. For blush I just can’t stop using the Lumeme Invisible Illumination Palette, I mean you are seeing the theme here right? If it says Illuminating, glowing, dewy, radiant or anything of the like, we buy it and we ask questions later. I actually didn’t opt for highlight in this particular look either, purely because if the skin is done right as a base, it just doesn’t need it. Are we over highlight? I haven’t decided yet.

Now for the eyes. I had to give these the attention they deserved, more so because I’m no MUA and it can all go very wrong, very quickly if I’m not paying attention. It was my first time using the Jouer Tan Lines palette and I absolutely loved it, the palette is so gorgeous; product and branding wise and despite the realisation that I am definitely allergic to eyeshadow, it won’t be the last time I use this palette. I used a mix of Shore Thing, Beach-o-holic and Heat wave on my list to create a warm coral sun kissed glow around the eyes. Initially it was just going to be eyeshadow and nothing else but then I realised I just looked like I hadn’t slept so opted for a subtle layer of the good old YSL Beauty Faux Cils mascara to wake me up a bit.

All brushed used were Sigma.

Brows were left natural, instead going for the perfectly imperfect bushy brow trend, of which most of my family are hashtag blessed in, using only the new Brow Silk from Iconic which is absolutely perfect for adding texture and hold to give a real high end editorial feel to the make-up look.

And of course lips! Nothing new or exciting here as I wear this combination most days but M.A.C. Spice Liner with By Terry Velvet Rouge in shade Lady Bare is always the perfect peachy nude.

Et Voila! There you have it. A full break down of my favourite Summer Glow!


What is your Summer essential make-up product?
What can’t you go without in your Summer Make-up bag?
Let me know in the comments below!

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