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13th August 2013 Outfits


Jacket – C/O Select Fashion    Shoes – C/O TK Maxx    Headphones – Frends    Shorts – Zara    Tops – H&M    Phonecase – Ebay    Bag – Alexander Wang
So a little drama over the weekend, my little Nikon D3000 sadly died. The camera that really changed my blog for me, I couldn’t shoot my outfit pictures on my iPhone forever I suppose. However after some research I have upgraded to the Nikon D3200 (did somebody say VIDEO?) haha No i’m not gonna be Vlogging anytime soon, I did a video once and I’ve spent the last few years since trying to have every trace of it removed from existence, but it may be beneficial for my fitness stuff? Thoughts please?!
Anyway I nabbed this “Zara-esq” faux-leather jacket from Select a few weeks ago. I’d had my eye on the Zara one since a babe from my office came in rocking it like a baws, sadly not on my current budget so this £25 alternative was a godsend. 
It seems I’ve unwillingly created a Zara inspired theme on this one as I also picked these fabulous shoes (again umming and ahhing about the Zara ones lead to these £16 bargains) from TK Maxx.
Also please expect to see these headphones from Frends featured time and time again as I literally never could of imagined a pair of headphones complimenting so many outfits with their Urban Luxe edge. If you haven’t seen them all over Instagram please remove yourself from whatever rock you are hiding under!

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