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3rd November 2011 Outfits….You will be the death of me!

1. Wide Collar Navy Green Trench Coat – £43.08  2. Point Rivets Black Flat Shoes – £55.49  3. Retro Pleated Grey Skirt – £30.03  4. Rabbit-hair Montage Fitted Ball Black Painter-cap – £13.70  5. Half Shoulderless Long Sleeves White Shirt – £31.33  6. Weave Wound Black Ankle Boot – £60.71  7. Double Zips Textured Single Shoulder Bag – £37.21  8. High Waist Burgundy Washed Leather Shorts – £31.33  9. Mixed-colour Montage Fitted Pockets White T-shirt – £19.58   
10. Aerolite Rhombus Slivery Ring –  £7.18   11. Zipper Locomotive Retro Vest – £36.52
Evenin’ all!!
Sorry I’ve been missing the last few days, been a bit hectic but I’m back with my first wish list of my blog, Woop-woop!
Obviously I’m new to this community so I have only recently discovered the Wonder Website that is ROMWE.COM and my world turned upside down from the first click. Its like all my favorite designers got together, made affordable alternatives to their catwalk creations and shoved them on this website for me to view-dribble-and inevitably purchase. Damn being a student!!!!
I picked a handful of my absolute favorites (please note it took me almost 2 hours to decide) taking into account my personal style and personal budget (not sure how I worked that one out but still) and if you look at the prices I’m sure your as shocked as I am. There is only one slight downside which is that you can’t get next day delivery, it is only 3 days for delivery but still I’m pretty impatient and impulsive, Although when I really think about it, I’d wait a life time for some of these items so I really shouldn’t moan.
Now an update on what I’ve been up to these past few days, so for any of you that read this and are unlucky enough to know me personally, you’ll know that I can’t drive….well I can actually drive but just not legally, yet I have a beautiful little car (named Polly Returns) waiting for me to drive her. I did attempt to pass my test but I failed twice (1 major, 5 minors) and then my theory test expired, it was game over from then on…I just couldn’t afford to learn whilst at Uni. BUT….I worked my little bottom off this summer and came back with enough money (motivation to book was provided by my beautiful boyfriend) to get the ball rolling, so I booked, revised (kinda) and Passed (again) yesterday, HIGH FIVES ALL ROUND!
Now I just gotta frickin’ pass the actual driving test….damn it!
Also I applied for a job with Clarins a couple of weeks ago, but heard nothing so figured it was a no go but I received an e-mail yesterday saying I was onto the next stage of the interview process. A telephone interview…I’m so excited, I’ve always been interested in make-up and as the Eden girls know I love doing peoples make up as well. So fingers crossed for my Tele-interview on Monday….AHHHH!!!

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