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5th December 2011 Outfits


Large Waved ring – Topman sale £2
2 Piece ring (customised) – Topshop £8.50
Turquoise gem ring – Market stall Brighton
Leaf wrap ring – Market stall Brighton
eyelash on nose – models own
Could someone please tell me, How long does the post want to take? I’m so frustrated right now, this is why me and internet shopping do not get on. I’m far too impatient, since I ordered those items from Romwe and VJ-style my wardrobe has suddenly brought a whole new meaning to the word Uninspiring! I’ve literally worn pretty much the same outfit for the last 3 days with variations in jumper colour and underwear obviously.
Now this is highly irritating since I just got a Nikon D3000 (did I mention how F**KING fabulous my family are?) because all I want to do is take pictures yet I want my first outfit post with my new baby to be INSANE rather that pretty pictures with a mediocre outfit. So I decided to take a picture of me, plus my recently acquired ring collection. I was never very good at buying jewellery, my ethos was kinda along the lines of “If I can eat, sleep and bath in it, it will do!” but now a days I’m rummaging in all kinds of places for different pieces to add to my growing collection of not only rings but jewellery in general.
I had no idea how incredible the Topman jewellery collection was until I read a few posts (from which blog, I can’t remember) about it. Seriously wipes the floor with Freedom at Topshop. However I did pick up this 2 piece ring from Topshop because it was the closed thing I could get to a “before the Knuckle” ring, It had a chain linking the two rings initially but I believe this ring was molded on some model who doesn’t have chipolata sausages for fingers, plus I kinda prefer it this way, don’t you?
I promise to be back this week with some outfit posts once I find which rock my inspiration has disappeared under.

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